Friday, October 16, 2009

Model Me

I am a prop. No, I'm on a prop.

My husband is working on an online commercial for work. It takes place in a women's clothing store. The plot begins with a green dress and ends with a red dress. To make the set look more like a store, they needed posters of a woman in the dresses. Hello, that's me.

I am in no way modelesce (is that a word?). I'm short and curvy. My hair hasn't seen the stylist since July and I have a tooth that needs repair. The green dress, even with a slimmer underneath, hugged my every curve. It especially drew attention to a little lower abdomen trouble I've had since childhood. I sucked it in till I was gasping for air.

For Real.

So with no hard feelings whatsoever, I permitted Steve to make any and all necessary 'adjustments' in Photoshop. The green dress results are in. Years from now I'll take this picture into a plastic surgeon and say, "Make me look like her."

For Fake.

Hair: Blonder
Eyes: Bigger and un-bloodshot
Body: 15lbs thinner
Height: 3" taller
Dress: from

Those women you see in magazines, the celebrities that appear so flawless...don't let 'em fool's all fake. I'm quite sure they have all the lumps and bumps and 'flaws', same as you and me. They'll just never let you see the 'before' picture. Ha.

I'll post the red dress pictures when they're ready.


Anonymous said...

I think you look fabulous in the REAL picture- almost better than the Fake one.


cheri said...

how fun.

i like the real one better than the fake one though!

Andrea said...

I go for: LETS BE REAL!

Kate said...

You are SO not alone in that lower abdomen trouble area. How it plagues me! Love the dress, hair, shoes and pose, of course! Also, the real is way cuter. :-)

Jilliebeanie said...

It was fun. And you all are so very sweet. :)

Leproust Vintage said...

You look so beautiful!

The tummy is just a woman thing! My whole entire family is very thin, but all of us women still have a tummy! Whenever I gain a bit of weight, it goes straight to my stomach!!

Sarah Clarke Gaudet said...

Real all the way! You look great!