Monday, October 12, 2009

Save the World

One of my very favorite daily reads is You Look Fab. I think Angie is a fashion genius.

So the other day when I read her post I'm All Ruffled Out, I thought, Shoot. I LOVE ruffles and all things frilly - the bigger, the better - though they often do nothing for my curvy figure. Still, I have rarely ever noticed them in bad form. I thought perhaps Angie was over exaggerating just a tad when she stated that "ruffles and frills are on everything at the moment".

Everything? Really? Surely, that's not true.

Keep in mind that I shop mostly at thrift stores. If I stay up on trends it's because I read blogs and subscribe to Lucky. My mall rat days are kind of over.

That being said, I just so happened to stop by the mall the other day to pay the German Shoe Repair guy a little visit after I purchased the most wonderful boots at Savers for $5 that needed a little help. That was more information than you needed. Anyway...

So I mosied on over to Old Navy to kill some time while my boots were being repaired. And I spotted these new hoodies:

Sort of cute with the ruffles, right? Ok, but for some reason, I was aghast. I probably wouldn't have given it a second thought if I hadn't read Angie's post, but for the first time I thought RUFFLES ARE TAKING OVER THE WORLD. Suddenly, everywhere I went, everything I saw...ruffles. In one brief moment, I realized that I had no options. It was either ruffles or nothing.

I must be exaggerating. Of course I am. But only slightly. My eyes have been opened to the ruffle epidemic. What has happened to all of the other cute, detailing options? Perhaps they were consumed in a sea of ruffles.

I left Old Navy bewildered and empty handed. Shucks.


Andrea said...

Love the ruffles. They did not have those a week or so ago when I was in there.


Girly Muse said...

They are taking over...but I, too, am not opposed. I rather like them. :)