Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Dealios

This weekend, I shopped like I haven't shopped in weeks, maybe months. The deals are just too good. I love when back-to-school sales becomes fall clearance becomes priced-so-low-you-feel-like-you're-stealing-but-you're-not. It's so awesome.

After a long Friday at work and double dinner date with our husbands, BF Elaina and I took to Forever 21 for office-appropriate, cold-weather wears. I ended up with a dress for $5 and sweater for $8.

The mall closed and what better way to end an evening than with Tarjay Boutique (that's fancy-speak for Target). The clearance wasn't too impressive, but I did purchase a pencil skirt - $7, sweater vest - $5, and blouse - $6.

Saturday morning, after a glorious breakfast at IHOP with a few of my very favorite peoples, I spent the day with the woman who taught me how to shop - my mommy. She had an extra 30% off at Kohls. I've been looking for a simple pair of black pumps and found the perfect pair. After all the discounts, I paid $16 for them. I'm wearing them today and they really are perfect. I also bought a dress - $7, trousers - $11 and belt - $3. And I couldn't resist a $3 Star Trek tee for Steve.

Croft & Borrow Pumps from Kohls

We next journeyed across highway 36 to Herberger's where I found the greatest deal of all. Brace yourself. This is no joke. Liz Claiborne dress. Original retail price: $119. Marked down to $89. Found on the yellow dot clearance rack. Rang up at: $3.99. I would like a virtual pat on the back for that purchase, thank you very much.

Sunday was spent moving cold weather clothes from garage to closet, warm weather items from closet to garage. It's so much fun to find things I bought last spring on super clearance that went straight from shopping bag to storage. Brand new stuff without spending a dime (or so it seems)!

We also did a little house-hunting yesterday afternoon. Why can't I be as gifted in bargain shopping houses as I am clothes and shoes? (Sigh).


Steph said...

I say you should tell us about your experiences house hunting and see what we can give you for advice. I'm sure that some of us live in the area that your looking and we may even have some good homes near us for you to look at. Those blogs could be your fashion of home buying blogs. Just like we are getting your advice and opinions on fashion maybe we can help you in the home area.

Good Luck and great shoes.

Sarah Clarke Gaudet said...

Can't wait to see all of your new purchases!!!

Andrea said...

You deserve more than one virtual pat on the back for the liz claiborne find.

Blessings, andrea

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Jilllie! Pat, pat, pat! (Love,TW)