Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have some spectacular news to share with St. Paul thrifters: pricey Valu Thrift in Sun Ray may no longer be your best east side thrift option. Value Village opened their doors a couple of weeks ago! It's the largest in the Twin Cities! The retail chain previously found only in the Minneapolis area has extended it's reach to St. Paul, now located on White Bear Avenue near the Larpenteur Avenue intersection. Sure, sure...we have a Savers (same company) only a few miles north, but Value Village is different and closer to me.

Value Village's regular prices are comparable to that of Valu Thrift, however their daily specials make for much better bargains. On Sunday, all purple tag merchandise was 50% off and all yellow tag items were $0.99! Here are the deals through November:
November 15-21: Purple tags 50% off
November 22: Purple tagged clothing $0.99
November 22-28: Pink tags 50% off
November 29: Pink tagged clothing $0.99

Unlike Valu Thrift, Value Village is non-profit. They partner with several local charities and provide a great way for shoppers to give back to their community.

This isn't about bashing Valu Thrift whatsoever. I've been a huge fan since their arrival to the east side and will continue to shop there for the great selection and convenience. But I feel that in recent months, prices have gotten way too steep and it has taken the bargain out of thrift shopping at their store. I look forward to seeing if/how they respond to the arrival of Value Village on the price tag. Bring on some healthy competition!

If anyone is interested in joining me for Value Village's grand opening this Saturday, November 21 drop me a line! We can peruse the racks of bargains together!


Indiana Adams said...

OH MY GOSH! I'm so excited for you. It's the same company as Savers which is here in Austin. I would say that HALF of my wardrobe is from Savers! I'm excited you'll be able to shop at VV now!

Adored Austin adores you!

Mary said...

I am incredibly tempted to say count me in for Saturday, but my wallet is protesting... gah! I've never even been to Valu Thrift but every time I pass it on my way back to Milwaukee, I'm tempted to make a stop :) I'm definitely going to have to check this out!

Laney said...

Yeah! I've already been there (with you actually) and love it! I got a DKNY dress for only $7.99, and that's was without the special. I very much like Value thrift, but can attest that the same dress would be much more. I am so excited about the new option, and so close to home!

Kristen said...

Oh I so wish I could Join you on Saturday. I have a baby shower for my sister that day but I will be sure to check it out soon! I have been going to every thrift store around to find great maternity bargains. I'm so excited to try a new location. Have you checked out the new Goodwill in Woodbury? Great deals there as well! (I got a pair of maternity jeans for $1.50 the other day) Happy Hunting!

Mila said...

Wish I could go with you,sounds great!

LaNae said...

So sad that I am just reading this now. We must go, lets make a date!