Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Head to Toe

Sometimes in life, there are purchases you really don't need, yet absolutely must have. And sometimes it isn't worth fighting. Sometimes, just roll with it. These red shoes I showed you yesterday...SO did not need them. I even have a new shiny pair of red pumps I haven't even worn yet. Didn't matter. I justified this purchase by telling myself they are very different from my other red heels. They are open-toed and have a bow. The red patent is a shade brighter. The heel is a teensy bit higher. See? Maybe I did need them.

I knew I wanted to wear them with this black, ruffled skirt and lace tights for some major girliness. I didn't consider that the skirt would be an ironing nightmare and the tights had a hole in them. Stitched up the hole (while wearing the tights) and did what I could with the skirt.

As soon as I arrived home on Saturday, I booked it over to the Oakwood Bazaar for the last hour of selling. This lovely clip called my name. It said, "Jill, wear me tomorrow with your ruffle skirt and lace tights and red shoes." Yep. I owe Je' Suis $4.

It was also challenging to find a top that would look decent with this skirt. With such volume on my lower half, I struggled to find something fitted and warm that would go with my color scheme. Settled for this gray cardi, dolled up a bit with pearls. Next time, I might try belting the cardigan for a better silhouette.

Cardigan: Target brand, thrifted
Pearls: thrifted
Skirt: Target
Tights: eh...probably Target
Shoes: Anne Klein via Ross, $20
Barrette: Handmade by Je' Suis

P.S. My hair has been out of control lately. It's giving me a serious rockstar complex.


Laney said...

Come to think of it...you actually do look kind of like a rock star!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think you DEF needed them- they are super cute!! :)

Your outfit is killer- I love that skirt!!



Anonymous said...

funny how we justify similar purchases. hee hee. and i like your hair!

nic said...

You look amazing! LOVE the outfit. The shoes were worth it...and you rock lacy tights!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Why don't I look like a rockstar when my hair is out of control?!? I love the skirt!

Chelsea said...

Oh my am I loving this outfit! The lace stockings look PERFECT with those AMAZING heels. The skirt is just crazy cool in general, and I think the gray cardigan is perfect (esp. with those pearls!). You look fantastic!

watergirl82 said...

Love the tights and love love LOVE the shoes!

Kyla said...

You ARE a rock star! This is such a fun, fun, FUN outfit! I love it!

Lidiya Lastur said...

You look sooo adorable!!!

Fell 4 Fashion said...

oh my goodness I love this!!! FABULOUS pumps and skirt!!!