Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Product Review: Bras!

Remember the whining and complaining I did waaaay back here about bras and my inability to find just one that makes me happy? Then remember when I bought 3 new bras with the promise that I would provide a proper review on this blog of mine. Remember?

The time has come, friends.

I feel that I've worn each bra enough that I can now give a adequate review of each one. Do keep in mind that a bra that doesn't work for me might be just fine for you. Here's my deal: I'm 5'4" and petite of frame. Short torso. Narrow shoulders. Fitted bra size: 32DD. Loather of back-fat.

Bra #1: Lilyette Minimizer

*designed to reduce bust up to a full size for a smooth look under clothes
*sew-free double knit wing smoothes back for a flawless look under clothes
*two-ply stretch simplex and Tactel microfiber cups provide uplift, shaping and opacity
*floating wire offers a clean contemporary silhouette

photo credit here

Although my actual band size is 32, I opted for a 34 in this bra because it was my only option in this brand and I felt that it was snug enough.

The fit in this bra was only mediocre. The upper portion of the cups gape a little bit making it seem as though the bra might be too big. However, if I were to go down a cup size, there would surely be spillage in other areas.

With a minimizer bra, side-shaping is possibly the most important element. I don't feel that this bra delivers in this area. In addition, there is no coverage for 'cold' days - if ya know what I mean. So I use Wacoal No Peek cups for maximum modesty. Photo credit here.

And my final gripe: the straps are too darn long. I have them adjusted past the tightest setting. The little adjuster thingy is overlapping the lacy part of the strap. Boo.

To give the poor bra a little credit, it is comfortable and of good quality. It does minimize back-fat, and the design features are somewhat attractive.


Bra #2: Bali Minimizer with Comfort Back

*comfort back creates a smooth look under clothes and helps straps stay put
*Silky Smooth Lining adds and ultra-thin layer of modesty
*encased underwires deliver ultimate comfort

photo credit here

Of the bras that I purchased, this is the one I like best and wear most. I settled for a 34DD in this one as well.

I like the way it shapes, contours and minimizes! The straps - though also too long - are comfortable and don't slip off my shoulders. It provides just enough lift and is good for all day support.

The cups are thin and additional measures are taken to avoid the 'cold', but overall, I really like this bra.
Maidenform Total Solution - the instant bust makeover

*Smartzone Cup Technology
*full coverage
*rejuvenates shape

photo credit here

This is one heavy-duty bra, y'all. And it makes some beautiful cleavage. Just too bad it is not the best for all day wear. I would certainly not consider this a "full coverage" bra as it claims to be, but it sure does "lift".

The straps - once again - are too long. Unfortunately, they adjust down to the band so there is no room for cheating as I do with straps on other bras. They are also quite silky and slide off my shoulders easily.

The cups are thick and sturdy, but add too much bulk and weight in front. The band reduces back-fat - yeh!

This is a short-term bra for cleavage-appropriate times.

Did I miss any pertinent information?

If you own one of these bras, let's hear your opinion as well!


Andrea said...

I have worn bra #2 and love it.
Blessings, andrea

Kate said...

Excellent feedback, but one question: what is the lifespan on these (you might not know it yet). I find that when I get a good bra I wear it all the time and it stretches out pretty fast. Curious to know if the second one is still in great shape after many wears. other than that, great job!!

Jilliebeanie said...

Kate: Great question! These bras have held up well. Especially in comparison to the Victoria Secret bras I purchased a few months before this. Upcoming post: Tips for extending the life of a bra!

Thanks, Cuz!

Kate said...

You inspired me and I finally went to a bra specialist and got my real, actual size and holy cow. Turns out I'm a 32E. E! No wonder nothing ever felt like it fit. I was buying 34Ds or sometimes 36Ds. No support, no help at all. Now I'm lifted, pointed in the right direction and able to TUCK MY SHIRT IN. What bliss.

Jilliebeanie said...

Oh wow, Kate! What a difference! I bet you feel like a whole new woman!

SO GLAD I could help! :D

Anonymous said...

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John Marson said...

I want to purchase bali minimizer bras with Comfort Back. because this is comfortable and don't slip off my shoulders.