Monday, November 30, 2009

Red Shift

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I sure did!

Since the weather's been a bit cooler, I've had a strong urge to remix this old, red shift dress (also seen here). I pictured it over a black oxford, collar tied with a bow, with black tights and black & white wingtip booties. Tried it all good. It turned out really costumey - like I was trying to imitate a bad stewardess uniform from the 60's.

Just when I thought I had finally come up with a decent look, my sweet husband looked at me and said something like, "wow" or "interesting". I took that as "not in a good way". I don't always take his opinion of my outfit choices into consideration, but with all the trouble I'd had that morning, I thought it likely that my judgement had been compromised.

At the last nano-second, I threw on this houndstooth scarf and switched to my cute, button shoes. Yet another decent attempt...mediocre result. I hate it when the fabulous outfit constructed in my head turns out to be a hot mess when I actually try it on. It's so disappointing.

Matters were slightly worsened when my tights looked navy against my black shoes. But I swear the tights are black!

In the end, the shoes and the scarf really did save the day. (Whew).

Shirt: Target
Dress: Target
Scarf: Swapped/borrowed from Je' Suis
Tights: Old Navy(?)
Shoes: Seychelles via Amazon


Andrea said...

Love the outfit.
Blessings, andrea

Kyla said...

Sooo adorable and those flats are fantastic!

Kate said...

totally cute!!

Anonymous said...

love it! even though it wasn't your first choice, i think it's great. cute flats!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I love it!! The scarf totally makes the outfit too.


La Historiadora de Moda said...

this is DEFINITELY NOT a hot mess. you look really cute!

Anonymous said...

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