Monday, November 23, 2009

State of Hockey

I'm not sure that it's possible to live in Minnesota and not care - just a little - about Hockey. Even if you don't follow the players or stats or watch it on TV, if the opportunity arises to attend a game, you go.

Steve and I received free tickets from work for Friday night's game. It usually happens about once per season. Our team is the Minnesota Wild. They haven't had the best of seasons, but even so, the Xcel Energy Center was packed with fans.

Speaking of fans, I don't know what this guy was up to, but he wasn't dressed in Wild colors.

I am the least violent person you will ever meet. Truly. I typically find fighting barbaric and repulsive. BUT there is just something about Hockey fights that I can hardly get enough of. Isn't that strange? I find it so entertaining. There were a few really great fights Friday night. The first of which took place within minutes of the start of the game. Two players from opposing teams took their gloves off and actually put their bare fists in the air. They circled around each other a few times before one of them threw the first punch. The referee's let them duke it out for several seconds before they broke it up. No one was hurt.

This is our goalie. He has some mad puck-stopping skills. I was really impressed.

Bein' silly.

Happy fans. The Wild won!

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Kate said...

It's so funny that you like the fights, too! I freaking love it when a fight breaks out on the ice and I'm so not confrontational. i think I love it because there's so much padding that there's very little chance of anyone getting hurt (as in the one here). Great hat!