Tuesday, November 24, 2009

To Dress a Youth Choir

It's Tuesday. And Tuesday means choir practice. And choir practice is most necessary for a gospel choir in pre-holiday season. We have our typical, Christmas gigs coming up. We'll be performing at the Mall of America on December 18th and at our church on the 20th. Sometime before then, we're going to try to make a Christmas album. Not exactly sure how we'll pull that off, but I'm feelin' optimistic.

Since my musical capabilities are quite few, I like to think I can contribute in other ways. For example, there is the topic of costuming. We don't do choir robes. That is unless we're in the Holidazzle Parade when robes are provided for us, but that's a different thing altogether. Instead, we try to look uniform. We "match" if you will... Here are a few combinations we've tried in the past:

All black

Black & Metallic (Gold and/or Silver)

Black & Red

Black & Teal

Black & Green

Black & Jewel Tone

Black & White

Black & Camouflage

Black & Khaki

White & Khaki

All White


Denim & Jewel Tone

Denim & Red

Denim & White

Denim & Black

You get the idea. This year, Steve, Elaina and I have been brainstorming different options. For the casual mall concert I wanted to do denim and plaid. I do believe I've been out-voted on that one. Also in the consideration pile is denim and black or white with bright hat and/or scarf. For our formal concert at church we've thought about mixing black with ivory, royal blue, silver, gold or varying jewel tones. And on the subject of album pictures...I'm just not sure.

Any ideas from my fashionable followers? Let's hear 'em!


Bug said...

I like the scarf idea - would be unique and chic.


La Historiadora de Moda said...

I like denim and black with a bright scarf or accessory. White is harder for some people to wear and for me it attracts the spilling of coffee almost always.