Thursday, December 17, 2009

Army Chic

Last year, and the year before that, I reeeeally wanted a pair of Oh Deer! shoes. I watched a few great styles come and go but there was always something keeping me from them: the price, the color, the size, ect.

When I spotted these on Amazon for $40, marked down more than 50%, with only 1 left in my size, I felt I'd hit the jackpot. I love them. All 4" of pain-causing awesomeness. I really, really do. But I have had such a hard time finding stuff to wear with them. I say they're painful, but they really haven't been given a fair chance...they just need to be broken in a liiiittle bit more.

When I spotted this little jacket on the clearance rack at Forever21, I immediately thought of these shoes - a match made in heaven, perhaps?! It was miraculous that this little treasure actually fit being that it was the only one left in a size small. Thank you, Lord of bargains!

It came with a matching green belt that wouldn't stay tight. No biggie. Swapped it out for this black one which I like even better. Made me feel skinny.

Who says camouflage can't be fabulous? These shoes beg to differ.

Shirt: Macy's
Jacket: Forever21
Skirt: Target
Tights: Target?
Shoes: Oh Deer! via

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Sarina said...

O.K. I think this is absolutely adorable!LOVE the jacket and the shoes and the way you put it all together.