Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Black, Black, Black

All I wanted was to wear my polka dot tights. You know how I have a major thing for polka dots. Creativity wanes sometimes and the only way I could think to wear these was with all black. I don't like all black (on me), but I talked myself into it anyway.

It was one of those days when what I saw in the mirror didn't coincide with how I felt in my clothes. In truth, this black shirt dress was - and felt - several sizes too big. After wearing it, I decided it no longer has a place in my immediate wardrobe. It's going into the "some other time" storage bin until it either fits (distant maternity wear?) OR I care enough to have it tailored.

See? I think it looks just fine. I just felt like a big, black blob. Thankfully, the different layers and textures helped a lot. Black dress under black/sparkly sweater vest, cinched with a black/sparkly skinny belt. Oh, by the way...that belt is super old and when I purchased it, it fit around my hips. HIPS! Although I much prefer some feminine curvature, I wish I would've known and taken advantage of my twig-ness at the time! Sheesh!

I felt less like a black blob with my coat on. Although the shape of the coat probably made me look more like a blob. The pinkish-purple stitching also went with my tights. Color! What a relief!

I had to keep looking at my awesome tights to remind myself that I was NOT dressed for a funeral. I love my them. Even amidst all this problematic black, they still made me so very happy!

Shirt Dress: Express, thrifted
Sweater Vest: ?
Belt: ?
Coat: Herbergers
Tights: Target brand, thrifted (still in package)
Shoes: Kohls


Andrea said...


Kate said...

Great tights.

Leproust Vintage said...

Well this looks gorgeous on you, but I totally get what you are talking about! I have garments that definitely make me feel a bit blobby, even though they do look ok. I LOVE those tights!

Bug said...

I think it fits you great, a perfect look! Love those polka dot tights, I have been wanting to buy some for myself.


La Historiadora de Moda said...

Well, you certainly don't look like a blob! You look gorgeous, and I love these polka-dot tights! I wish I had some....

Zhcsyra hp said...

im in love with ur amazing tights :))