Monday, December 21, 2009

Can't Stop

I can't stop. Not even for a few minutes. If I do, I will surely fall into a deep, glorious sleep. I just need to hold out for a few more days.

My weekend was about as fabulous and exhausting as weekends get. Steve and I skipped out of work a few hours early on Friday to prepare for the ABCYC concert at the Mall of America. Just that morning, we received 200 copies of our limited edition pre-release Christmas album. All needed to be packaged in time for the concert at 5pm.

The concert was a success and we sold more Cd's than expected! After, we ate with friends, rode the Sponge Bob roller coaster at Nickelodeon Universe, did a little shopping, then went to a late showing of Avatar. I'm embarrassed to say, I slept through most of the movie, but what I saw of it was good. Visually stimulating, for sure.

After awaking Saturday morning to a scrumptious husband-made breakfast, we spent the greater part of the day Christmas shopping. Still not done, but we can see the finish line. Hallelu.

I think I have a sixth sense when it comes to shopping (for myself). All week I'd had the strongest urge to try on a pair of black boots I'd seen at JCPenny (I needed black boots). I resisted all week, then Saturday night called my mom for a mall date. Lo and behold, the boots were exactly what I wanted AND the only pair left were in my size! It was like they had been waiting for me all week! You will probably be seeing much of them in upcoming posts.

Sunday night was our church Christmas concert - the biggie. It went so well. Sometimes I get nervous during practice that we're not adequately prepared. But as soon as we get up there, everybody steps up to greatness. I am beyond proud. We sold all 200 Cd's this weekend, which was the goal - yippee!

Me and the really cute director.
Yes, I dressed him like that...on purpose.

The week of fun continues with a fondue party tonight, Survivor finale DVR party tomorrow (shh...don't tell me who won), more shopping, and Christmas festivities later in the week.

I have a good momentum going here. With the right amount of coffee, I think I can keep it up through next weekend.


Andrea said...

You guys look adorable.

Merry Christmas and GOD BLESS!

Girly Muse said...

I know what you mean! I told Nate this morning that I'm afraid if I stop I won't be able to get back up...for a good long while. !!! :)

Loved last night. It was memorable.