Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The word 'humbug' is usually used in the context of 'nonsense'. But there is another meaning of the word: 'something or someone intended to deceive'. That's me today. I look all composed and put together. Lately I've been dressing in pretty, holiday colors. I'm even wearing little Christmas earrings today. But looks are deceiving....

In just a few days, the holidays will be over and I will be ever so happy. Call me a Scrooge, but this time of year brings me more stress than it does joy. I'm never prepared for Christmas. Not mentally. Not physically. Not spiritually. And definitely not financially.

Though I look forward to extra days away from the office, being with family, the food, the presents, the celebration, I can't help but be overwhelmed. I don't even want to go home. There are dirty dishes piled high, mountains of laundry - both clean and dirty, unwrapped gifts lining the walls, and weeks - nay months worth of crap everywhere. Steve and I have only been home to eat and sleep...and even that's been sparse. Then when I am home, I feel like the walls of our already too-small condo are closing in on me. I just can't manage everything...or anything. We need a vacation...

...so we've decided to ignore our living conditions for a little while longer and try to get through Christmas without thinking about it too much. We're even spending the night at my in-laws on Christmas Eve just to get away from it all and be with family.

With just a few hours I had on Sunday afternoon, I was able to make a dent in a few of the tasks awaiting me at home. Cleaned out my closet so I would be able to reach my clothes and have something to wear this week. Thank goodness for tried and true outfits that are sure to work.

This is one of my favorites. Though this skirt adds a little bulk where I need it least, I still really love it. Never thought it would fit me when I spotted it at last year's clothes swap. Just proves that you'll never really know until you try it on. Happy, happy me.


Scarf: Urban Outfitters
Long-sleeve tee: Target
Sweater: Kohl's (?)
Skirt: Target brand via clothes-swap (free!)
Tights: Target (?)
Shoes: Cole Haan via Marshall's


La Historiadora de Moda said...

I related to this post a lot. I hope you survive the holidays!

That green houndstooth skirt is fanstastic and yay for it being free!

I hope you'll enter the giveaway that we're having over at Fashionable Academics!

Mary said...

I ADORE the way you used green in this outfit... it's such a great color on you, and I love how you kept the color palette simple (but still fabulous, of course :))

Kendra said...

I love this dress! The green... the subtle houndstooth, perfect!

Hang in there with that holiday spirit. Just focus on the good things about holidays... food, family... and ignore the rest. :)

D'Rae said...

LOVE the skirt! So jealous! Thanks for leaving me a comment and I love your blog! I like finding great new blogs!