Monday, December 7, 2009

Indiana and Back Again

I'm back. Did you miss me?

What's that? Didn't know I'd gone anywhere?

As a matter of fact, Steve and I made the 600 mile trek to Columbus, Indiana to join in the celebration of Steve's cousin Jeff and his beautiful bride Leah. The trip was quick, but very enjoyable. I think Steve and I are good road-trippers.
Fillin' up somewhere in Illinois.
See the slightly uncomfortable look on my face? I thought surely as we headed south we would encounter warmer temperatures. We didn't. Also notice the unintentional Chicago Bears color combination while I just so happened to be in Illinois. I thought it was a nice touch of friendliness since the Minnesota Vikings creamed 'em a couple weeks ago. Good effort, Bears!

Now, about the wedding...

I was amazed that such a wedding was done so well in such a short amount of time - 3 months! It was so lovely and personal. Leah was absolutely stunning as was her beautiful wedding party. Jeff and Leah sang a duet together - a song Leah wrote! I assumed both of them could sing well but had no idea it would be that good! Those of us who hadn't heard Leah sing before were blown away...and we already thought she was perfect!

We loaded up on sweet and salty treats at the snack-filled reception. That cake was rich, chocolaty goodness, that's what!

Welcome to this crazy-wonderful family, Leah! Marriage is bliss!

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La Historiadora de Moda said...

Eep! 3 months! I'm amazed as I'm stressed about planning my wedding and we've been planning for a few months and still have six months left to plan things.