Friday, December 4, 2009

The Life of a Bra

When I did my bra product review, faithful follower Kate (who just so happens to be my cousin) asked about the lifespan of the bras. I gave it some thought, and felt I should share how I personally choose to care for my delicates.

I basically do what I feel is the minimum amount of effort for a fair result. Additional time and money can be spent on keeping bras in good condition...but that's just not me.

Your over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder (as Punky Brewster called it) is a delicate piece of equipment. Bras aren't generally fun to shop for and when you find your match made in heaven, it's important to care for it in such a way that it will be with you a long, long time.

Here is what I do to extend the life of a bra. It's not much, but seems to work well for me.

One day at a time. I don't wear the same bra two days in a row. Give all those stretchy fibers a chance to reconnect.

Wash with care. I wash my bras on gentle cycle in a delicates bag. The gentle cycle is (duh) gentle on the fabric and hardware and the bag prevents tangles and snags.

Dry not. Never put a bra in the dryer. Those stretchy fibers don't like it. Hang 'em up. Any doorknob will do.

Know limits. No matter how careful you are with your bras, every one has an expiration date. Sometime short of exposed underwires and straps held together with safety pins it's time to let it go and invest in a new one.

If you're REALLY into caring for your bras and feel that it would be worth investing extra time and money into their survival, there are many more ways to do so. This website covers it all.

A good bra works hard for you. Treat it well.

Now...I'm on the road to Indiana for a highly anticipated wedding! There will be pictures!

Photo here.


Andrea said...

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Lidiya Lastur said...

wow, great post! I usually put them in the dryer, excep the new ones. Hm... i shouldn't.

Cathy Anderson said...

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