Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rockin' It

This past Saturday, at the request of Elaina the birthday girl, a few girlfriends and I made plans to go rock climbing. Indoors, of course.

It had been many many years since I'd climbed a rock wall. It was very exciting. I'm somewhat of an adrenaline junkie. So long as I'm strapped in and all measures of safety have been addressed, I'll do just about anything. There has even been talk of skydiving next summer. Bring it.

I remember climbing with quite a bit of ease in my late teens/early 20s. Just figured this would be a similar experience. Not even close. I'm sooooo out of shape. My muscles just don't do what they used to and my endurance is just plain sad...and I'm only 27.

My initial strategy was to be fast and let momentum take me to the top. But after trying that a couple of times, I figured out that I had to pace myself instead. Too much too soon and I'd be exhausted less than half way up. And rappelling down isn't nearly as fun if you're not at the top.

Here we are. Ready to go.

Rockstar Keely!

Elaina and I thought our harnesses "tickled".
Maybe they were just on too tight...

Katie was the most experienced climber among us.
She also has the greatest advantage having nice, long limbs.
She looks good climbing...like she knows what she's doing.

We met a great group of people that helped us belay since Katie was the only one in our group authorized to do it. We would have been limited to the automatic devices (what are those things called?) if not for these awesome new friends.

This was the one open piece of wall where I was actually able to reach the top.
I did it twice. Yeh me.

I'm still a little sore today, but it feels good. I must make sure it isn't another 7 years before I get back on a rock. It's a good 'ol time.

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