Thursday, December 10, 2009

Say Cheese!

After three straight days of recording, we still have 3 more songs to go. One of those songs, Steve's rockin' arrangement of Carol of the Bells, I would vote "most difficult". Must. Study. Verses. In a last ditch effort to get this album out before the 18th, we've added one more night of recording. But not until Saturday. Whew. I can't wait to get home tonight, fix up some Hamburger Helper, and relax with my Stevie.

Also on the CD front, is the creation of the album cover. Steve is playing around with a few designs, but hasn't found one yet that he's 100% happy with.

It was decided that we would all wear jeans with a white top, hat and/or matching scarf. I'm not convinced black wouldn't have been a better choice than white, but oh well. We looked bright, shiny and warm and that's what matters.

Photographer friend, Matt came to shoot the pictures.
It's hard organize and direct a group of 25, but all went well. Thanks, Matt!

Thanks to the hard work of Steve and Elaina, there was a white backdrop...

...and a black backdrop. And candles.

Elaina and I didn't get quite enough time in front of the camera (haha),
so we took an extra picture...

....or two.

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