Tuesday, January 12, 2010


My hope was that today would be warm enough to check out the ice rink across the street from where I work.  I wanted to be professional enough for the office, yet warm and comfortable enough just in case I found myself outdoors for any length of time.  There are only a few weeks left before they tear down the rink, and I really want to get out there this year...not sure if today is the day.  Put my skates in the car this morning so I can grab 'em and go at any time.

For being a Minnesotan 'n all, I'm a pretty bad skater.  When I was younger, during the winter Olympics, I would put on my slipperiest socks and glide and twirl across the kitchen floor, pretending to be figure skater.  Though I continue to own figure skates, I'm much better off in Hockey skates.  It's similar to rollerskates versus rollerblades.  Not so pretty or graceful, but not so hard on the ankles.  I do want to own a classic, white pair of rollerskates someday though...complete with pompom accessories, of course.

Scarf:  Borrowed from Elaina
Sweater:  Liz Claiborne, thrifted
Pants:  Kohls
Shoes:  Croft & Barrow, Kohls

Help?:  I finally switched over to Blogger's updated post editor.  So, where's the spell check on this thing? 


D said...

very cute. love the houndstooth scarf with this.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

These pictures are really cool! I love the pattern mixing you've got going on here!

Andrea said...


Fashion Therapist said...

Big fan of that sweater. The color is great on you.

Bug said...

Hee, hee I use to slide across my bedroom floor too in my socks and ice-skate along with my Cinderella On Ice tape. Love the outfit and the pics are really neat - love the polka dotted background!


piglet said...

Cute, I love the way you posed the photos!
Hope you make it to the rink. Skating is so fun, but I never go.