Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Endless Love

Oh, how I love  You already know this.  I may not be their most loyal customer, but it is the shoe site I go to before any other.  Sure, I'll stray to 6pm, Piperlime, DSW or Amazon from time to time, but endless is definitely my first love.  I mean, golly, who can resist free overnight shipping and free returns?  I'm barely holding it together over here.  I will NOT buy these shoes.  I will NOT buy these shoes.  I will NOT buy these shoes.

I have big plans for this sweet thang. 
I'm channeling a certain DNKY fall/winter line, I think.

I don't own anything like this.  It's probably time that I do.

These are just plain fun.  They'd make people smile, for sure. 
Perhaps they could be my cheery contribution to this SADD winter?

 Find it for less here.


Kate said...

Dear God, those first ones are fanTASTIC! Love them!!

Bug said...

There are really nice. I have a few favorite shoe stores that I get all mushy over too, lol.

La Historiadora de Moda said...

Wow! I love the first pair and those blue beauties!