Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One Day Soon

The time is drawing near, my friends.  I have had quite enough of this hair atop my head.   I've let it grow over the past couple of years.  We've had our good times and bad.  But it's almost time to say goodbye.  Before we part (pun intended?), I've been browsing celebrity hairstyles for one that might suit the Jill of 2010.

I'm thinkin', definitely above my shoulders.  Something easy and kind of messy.  Unlike clothes and shoes, I do not make any sort of effort with my hair.  It's a little pathetic, actually.  But I just can't muster up the energy to style my hair every day.  I don't want to.  And I won't.  So this new hair has to be wash and wear...literally.

Here are a few styles that caught my eye:

I think this one might be the best option.  This seems pretty effortless.  The length seems ideal and I really like the side-swept bangs.

This one is cute too.  It seems a bit more styled, which makes me cautious.  I love the bangs, but recent history has shown that I would probably not keep up with them.  My hair grows like a weed - seriously - and making the extra effort to keep them cut amounts to too much work for me.

Don't worry, my blonde hair ain't goin' nowhere (though it's lookin' pretty muddy these days).  This is just another example of a possible easy-peasy style.  Side note:  I think Ginnifer Goodwin is so effortlessly adorable.

Ah...Nicole, my pal.  Yet another style I like but probably doesn't fit my criteria.  First of all, I would not part my hair down the middle.  I rocked that look in high school and it didn't do me any favors.  Second, this hair seems like it might have taken more than 60 seconds to do.  That said, I love the layers, the volume, and the color.

The big snip will be taking place within the next 2 weeks.  Eek! 
So, what do you think?  Any thoughts/advice before I chop my locks?


Girly Muse said...

The top look is my favorite!

Andrea said...

I like the top two!

Fashion Therapist said...

I LOVE short hair and every time I get my mind set on growing my hair I chop it off. It says a lot about a girl who's able to confidently sport a short due.

I personally LOVE Ginnifer Goodwin's short cuts...she's a pro at wearing it, but Kristen Cavallari's hair in the top pic is cute too.

Anonymous said...

i like kristin's best

the girl in the green scarf said...

Ginnifer Goodwin is so adorable, one of my fav actress!!