Thursday, January 28, 2010


So what if they're not real polaroids...I love that with just a few clicks my pictures can look vintagey.  

I've been rather ill.  My under-the-weather-ness ended up to be a crazy-terrible sinus infection.  My throat was a bit soar on Monday, and by Tuesday afternoon, I was absolutely miserable.  Look at my eyes...I look like death.  Hopefully my outfit was a light-hearted distraction to onlookers.  Like, "Hey, that girl looks like she's about to keel over...but she's wearing really cool tights!" 

(sigh) can only hope.

These are the tights I tried to style here with all black.  I like this much better.  Still a lot of black, but the floral pattern makes it all better.  I love mixing patterns, especially when one of the patterns is polka dot.

This dress was one of the many treasures I picked out of a free bag at church about 8 years ago.  I'm sure I've worn it more than the original owner ever did.  It has a lot of stretch to it and has been one of the few items to fit me through weight gains, losses, and shifts.  Somehow, it's become lopsided, being quite a bit longer in the back than the front...but I sort of digg it that way.

The next time you see these shoes,  they will be accented with a big, crocheted flower.  :)

Necklace:  Urban Outfitters
Cardigan:  H&M
Dress:  Vintage via free bag
Tights:  Thrifted, new via Valu Thrift
Booties:  Thrifted via My Sister's Closet


Girly Muse said...

super cute!!! so sorry you've been so sick!!!

Andrea said...

Your outfit is adorable. I hope you feel better, soon.

Kyla said...

That dress is so pretty! Feel better soon!

Fashion Therapist said...

Love these polaroid inspired shots!

Anonymous said...

hope you feel better soon. i don't think you look like death. love those tights with this. so cute!