Monday, January 11, 2010


Shoppers. We come in all different shapes, sizes, colors with varying styles and preferences.

Given the same scenario, we'd find that how a shopper reaches his/her conclusion of whether or not to purchase an item differs greatly from person to person.

If an item stands out to you and you find it at a good price, what goes through your mind? What questions, if any, do you ask yourself before you reason to either pass or purchase?

As examples...
#1: You love it. You can afford it. You buy it. No questions asked. You'll find a way to wear it no matter what.

#2: You think about what you would wear with it and if it has an immediate place in your wardrobe. If so, you'll buy it and wear it tomorrow. If not, it goes back on the rack.

#3: You love it, but know you have absolutely nothing to wear with it. You buy it anyway and the rest of your shopping time is spent buying other items with which you will build an outfit solely to accompany the initial purchase.

#4: You can't pass it up but have no idea what to wear with it. It'll likely go unworn for many months, but you figure you will eventually find a way to wear it and will be glad you made the purchase.

A few of my 'unworns'.

Do any of these thought processes seem familiar? Back when I had an expendable income (or so I thought), I was definitely a #3. Now, I admit to being a #4 most of the time.

The problem I find as a #4, is that I have too many unworn items in my closet. As I assess each piece I ask myself, "Why?"

Why haven't I worn this?
Do I even like it?
Why did I buy this?
What did I spend on this?
Is it worth keeping?
Does it need to be altered?
Do I like it enough to pay for alterations?
Can I make the alterations myself?
Is it damaged?
Can I fix it?
What would I need in order to make this wearable?
Different shoes? Specific undergarments? Particular accessories?

At the end of the day, this unworn item has taken up highly coveted closet real estate and plagues me with a twinge of regret - for purchasing it at all, OR guilt - for having never worn it. Perhaps I should not allow myself to buy one more thing until all unworns have been worn (or donated). But that just doesn't seem fair, does it?

This post has been a little anti-retail therapy for me. And so continues my efforts of becoming a #2...#1 at the very least. Thanks for joining me.


Andrea said...


Anonymous said...

I am definitely guilty of aLL of the above...probably at one given shopping trip too. However, lately I am very much trying to be #2... we will see how this goes? LOL

Good luck! :)


Fashion Therapist said...

I loved this post. I think I definitely am a combo of #2 and #1, but always end up being somewhat of a #4.

I buy things that I could easily pair with things in my closet, but for some reason a lot of the stuff just sits there for no rhyme or reason. I can't give up a great price and I think that's my problem.

Style Artisan said...

I am all of the above.

Since I buy most of my clothes at thrift stores, it is much harder to walk away from an item in the #4category because it only costs $4. I can justify/rationalize that purchase. And although the item might sit unworn for awhile, eventually the perfect mate comes along and then I am thankful that I bought the item.

As far as funky smells go, I found the perfect remedy a few months ago, which I posted. Here is the link. It has worked every time for me!

piglet said...

I'm probably a cross between a 1 & 2. But am guilty of buying things I will hardly wear or never wear just because it was cheap!

Fell 4 Fashion said...

If you don't want that gorgeous brown and yellow skirt, can I have it? ;)