Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Weekending - Part 2

Ah!  So much to blog about, so little time!  I can't wait to tell you about the Minnesota Blogger Volunteer Event that I participated in last night, but I couldn't possibly squeeze all that I wish to share in the amount of time I have today.  Tomorrow!

I have time for quick outfit post.

This is what I wore Sunday:

Can I be honest with you without sounding super conceited?  Because I'm not super conceited...not usually. 

I felt pretty darn hot in this outfit.  There.  I said it.

I rarely feel hot.  I always aim for cute, or pretty, definitely not hotHot generally makes me feel really self-conscious.  And I do not like feeling self-conscious.  My mama raised a modest girl.  So perhaps this is as hot as I get without the self-consciousness.  Ok, I'll be done with the italics now, promise.

Because of the issues I have with hot (whoops, I lied), this sweater dress has been a difficult item for me.   I've tried toning it down with jeans or flats, but neither looks were incredibly flattering.

This very cool purple tunic I won from Idée Géniale's giveaway a few months ago and was just the thing to layer under the short sweater dress.  It's gathered on the sides, so the length is somewhat adjustable.  It also has a sassy zipper up the back.  I'm determined to come up with numerous ways to wear's just too much fun.

Oh!  And I think this is the first time I've posted these boots!  I love them!

Tunic:  Kensie via Idée Géniale
Sweater Dress:  ?
Belt:  ?
Tights:  Target
Socks:  TJ Maxx
Boots:  JCPenny


Kendra said...

Well you feel hot because you look hot! Look at that tiny waist and those amazing gams. Enjoy it! Oh and I love the texture that the ruching adds.

Andrea said...

Lookin Great!!

Chelsea said...

Not only are you hot, but SMOKIN' hot in this! Seriously... the silhouette with your amazing figure is just to die for. And the boots/socks and sweater dress/tunic layering works so well together!

Kate said...

Totally hot!!!

Bug said...

You do look hot! I love the sweater dress and the socks peeking out of your boots. I'm the same way with feeling hot, I usually go for pretty.

Elaine said...

I'm glad you feel hot because you look AMAZING!!!!! I love the tunic and sweater together and those boots with it. It makes your legs look so long and lean!

piglet said...

This outfit is hot! Love the layers.

Kristen said...

You look smokin' hot! Love the purple tunic underneath.

<--new reader, loving your fearlessness of posing outdoors in the snow

Girly Muse said...

woowoo! you ARE hot!

Anonymous said...

looking very lean and shapely in this. you go girl!