Thursday, February 18, 2010

Burrito Comfort

Some days, it's not about coming up with the chicest, cleverest outfit in the world.  Some days, it's about simplicity and comfort.  Like Mondays.  Mondays are those kind of days.  Yes, I'm a little behind in outfit posts.

Consider these skinny trousers from Old Navy.  I feel like such a scrub when I wear them because they're soooo comfortable...too comfortable.  Not like skinny anything should be.  But they can't help it, it's just how they are.  I forgive them.

And this sweater that I picked up at TJ Maxx for $5?  Fabulously roomy.  I could eat 4 Chipotle burritos and this baby would still fit.  Now that's a good sweater.  That's a sweater that has my back...literally.  If I ever had the opportunity to take down 4 Chipotle burritos in one sitting, that would be a good day...followed by a really bad day.

For some reason, I thought I couldn't fit pants into these boots.  Well...they showed me.  They went on easily over the skinny pants and that was the end of discussion.  Do I really have discussions with my shoes?  Maybe...

Necklace: ???
Turtleneck:  Herbergers
Sweater:  TJ Maxx
Pants:  Old Navy
Boots:  Steve Madden via DSW


Kristie said...

Yay for comfy clothes! Love the whole look!

Jane W. said...

Great outfit! I love the necklace and the cuffed boots--they transform the whole look.

Kristen said...

Deep purple and olive is one of my favorite color combos EVER. Love the way you do it here.

eek said...

Who says you can't be comfy and chic at the same time - love this look!

It's Jami yall said...

Cute outfit, yet you look very comfy...I will have to steal the look, thanks lol

Anonymous said...

good day followed by a really bad! i love this look. cool necklace too.