Monday, February 15, 2010

Downs and Ups

Well, this weekend certainly was eventful.  I received a call from Steve late Friday afternoon telling me he'd been in a car accident.  He's ok other than some soreness and driving paranoia.  Some guy supposedly fell asleep at the wheel on I35E and didn't realize traffic had come to a stop.  Bam!  Right into the rear, driver-side corner of our cute Toyota Yaris.  I'm just so thankful that the damage was to the car and not my sweet husband!

We're waiting to hear whether or not the car is totaled. 

I still ended up making it out to The Burning Sage Galleries grand opening Friday evening.  What a lovely place!  I bought a belt and some crocheted coasters.  The music was great - as expected. 

Steve and I had agreed to keep Valentine's Day easy-peasy and no-budget this year.  So when Mr. E presented me with this card early Saturday morning I thought, 1. It's not even Valentine's Day yet! and 2. We agreed no cards/gifts! 

But I soon understood why he just couldn't wait! 

How could I be mad?  I'm so freaking excited!

I took myself shopping Saturday afternoon hoping to find some goodies for the cruise.  I succeeded in thrifting a dress that will certainly have a place in my suitcase, but all of my other finds were only cold-weather worthy.  Be sure you'll be seeing the loot in upcoming posts.

Aside from Sunday morning church service, our Valentine's Day was spent chillin' at home.  I made a simple lunch and then cuddled up on the couch for the Olympics.  I haven't enjoyed the Olympics this much since I was a kid.  It's been intense, hasn't it?

Here's my Valentine's Day outfit choice:

The white blouse is sleeveless which just won't do for February.  I didn't have a cropped cardigan that looked right with the dress, so I took this regular ol' cardigan, wrapped, and pinned in place.  Me likey.

I felt sort of bare-legged with just the lace tights on, so I layered them up with dark gray tights underneath.  Much better.

Blouse:  Old Navy (outlet?)
Cardigan:  Express
Dress:  Forever 21
Tights:  dark gray - Old Navy, black lace - ?
Shoes:  Kohl's

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

Welcome new followers!  Where on earth did you all come from?  Perhaps this post at What Would a Nerd Wear sent you my way?  (Thanks, Tania!)

No matter how you may have stumbled upon my little piece of cyberspace, I am so happy you're here.  If I haven't visited your blog yet, I certainly intend to.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the wrecklage of your poor car is so heartstopping! I am glad your husband is fine though, what a relief. Especially as he seems to be a total sweetheart -- what a nice present and such a cute way of presenting it!

I really love your Valentine's Day outfit too -- the dress is really pretty, and I think the white blouse with the bow-neck is such a sweet touch.

Jane W. said...

I love your blog!

I'm so sorry to hear about your husband, but glad that he's okay. 9years ago I was rear-ended by someone who fell asleep on the highway. It was horrific.

Hurray for your cruise!!

And your outfit is gorgeous. Love the combo of the full red skirt and bow.

eek said...

Glad to see your hubs is ok. Just found the blog through blog hopping :)

Cute V-day look!

Anonymous said...

Love your valentine's day look - how exciting that you're going on a cruise! That'll be sooo much fun (and no snow!). I'm so glad your husband is ok, too. How frightening!

Fashion Therapist said...

Eekk! That's the most adorable thing EVER! I'm so excited for you to get out of this horrible weather in exchange for awesome warm weather. :)

Great outfit too!

Girly Muse said...

You looked like a doll in that little outfit. She looked even cuter in person, peeps.

So thankful Steve is ok. That poor former trunk...

So VERY excited for you about the cruise. What perfect timing.


La Historiadora de Moda said...

Oh, I'm so glad your husband is okay!

Your outfit is really lovely! I love the elegant details!

Anonymous said...

Your outfit is so cute!! I love it and have fun on vacation!! How sweet.

LyddieGal said...

What a wonderful valentine's day present!!
Your outfit is so adorable and I love your clever wrap cardigan.

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

aw, how welcome you are!
love this valentine's look. you make me want to run to my closet and put on my full skirts, you look so lovely in them.
sorry to hear about the crash :( hope you guys figure out the insurance soon and SO glad to hear that your husband is okay!

Giovanna&Roberta said...

Such a pretty dress.. a great choice for Valentine's day!
Thank you for your lovely comment!
Soon you'll can buy all the crocheted home decor that you've seen!

megara said...

how fun is that?! have you cruised before? my family and i are going on our first cruise in May and I'm so excited!! i absolutely love red and black, and i think it looks fabulous here on you!!

and the tights...yes please! so chic!

darcie said...

are you kidding me? I can't get my hubs to make dinner reservations and yours booked an entire CRUISE! you guys ROCK! YAY!
(glad he's ok after the accident! wowswers!)

Anonymous said...

sorry about your cute car! i know how you feel. i hit a deer in december and did $4000 damage to my new corolla. glad your husband was okay.

you look great! love your vday outfit. and what a great husband to surprise you like that. lucky girl:)

Anonymous said...

aww, the card he made for you is cute! :)
and, i really like the outfit you wore for Valentine's Day. looks great! :)

BTW, thanks for commenting on my Kramer shirt! :P