Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mr. T

Well, you may have guessed...our car was totaled in the accident.  We've been driving a rental for the past few days.  I've been pretty 'whatever' about the whole thing, just thankful that Steve is ok.  Steve, on the other hand has been working really hard with the insurance companies, lenders, dealers in order to get us a fair deal and a new car.

I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome!  We purchased this 2003 Toyota Rav4 (looks and smells brand new!) for a reasonable price.  And no, I'm not the least bit concerned about the Toyota recalls.  Steve and I are big Toyota fans and will continue to buy them no matter. 

We don't have kids or pets, so we name our cars (don't judge).  We named our new guy Mr. T.  Because he's a Toyota and sort of has a mohawk.  And didn't the Mr. T drive a black van or something?  Just seemed like a good fit.  We pity the fool who doesn't like Mr. T.  Ha.

Are you a nut-job like us who names their cars?  If so, do share with the rest of the class! 

And hey, while we're at it...why not an outfit post huh?

Scarf:  Gift from Girly Muse MANY years ago
(Lori:  what do you think, maybe 8 or 9 years?  I still LOVE it!)

Tank:  Wal-Mart
Sweater:  Target
Jacket:  Anne Taylor, thrifted via Valu Thrift
Pants:  Banana Republic, thrifted
Boots:  Madden Girl via DSW


Kimberly said...

You aren't alone - I think a lot of people name their cars. Mine is Maxine the Maxima!
Your scarf ties your shirt and jacket together wonderfully!

Anonymous said...

love the greens and blues together

Marie said...

We drive a Chrysler Sebring (not by choice) and have named it Michael Scott after Michael from The Office (because his company car is a Sebring). We thought it was fitting. So no, you're not alone!

Andrea said...

Glad you guys are okay and as always you look adorable.

LaNae said...

I am driving Betsy right now, it is my parents car since my grand am engine blew and I never named the grand am I am sure that is the reason it. died.

Anonymous said...

Love the combination of colors on this outfit!

We've had Sammy Saturn, Pam Pontiac, (actually Pamela the Grand Am-ela), Jane Jetta, and Holly Honda. Oddly enough, my current car has no name!

Jane W. said...

Cute, cute color combo. My car doesn't have a name, but my mountain bike does--Silvia, because it's silver.

My younger brother used to be waaaaayy into The A Team so I laughed out loud when I read your post!

Kate said...

We named our first plant together Bubba and I refer to my white elantra as White Lightning. Not sure that counts, though. Very cute outfit!

cheri said...

we name everything! haha. my black mazda is mona lisa.