Friday, February 26, 2010

Next Week

These 2 weeks since Valentine's Day and the knowledge of my upcoming vacation has been torturous, but it's finally HERE!  I'll spend the day tomorrow cleaning and packing and then bright and early Sunday morning, I'll be flying to San Juan to spend a week exploring the Caribbean.

Vacation is not a place for ANY electronic devices (as far as I'm concerned), so I mustered up some blogging goodness in advance for you.

I purchased a Gap shirt-dress a couple of weekends ago from Valu Thrift for less than $4. Since then, I have challenged myself with styling it 5 different ways. Each day next week I will present you with a different style. Then when I'm back to real-time blogging next Monday, I hope you will participate in voting for your favorite.

Oh, the possibilities...
Shirt Dress
I'll see you next Monday, friends! XO


Anonymous said...

Yay, enjoy your vacation! It sounds like you guys will have a great time. And I'm forward to seeing your styling challenge!

Leproust Vintage said...

ohhhh! I hope that you have an incredible time! A vacation sounds incredible right about now! :)