Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In the Zone

The neutral zone, that is.  Weardrobe is hosting a contest for most loved neutral outfit.  Though I would never expect to win seeing how incredibly creative many of the other entries are, I like to use Weardrobe contests as a challenge to come up with different combinations within their chosen theme.

My favorite neutrals are in the brown family.  I have a hard time going completely sans color, especially when there is no pattern to be had, so I threw in some blue legs just for fun.  They qualify as a pseudo neutral in my book (on my blog).

Shirt:  Eddie Bauer (?), Thrifted
Skirt:  Gap, thrifted via ARC's Value Village
Tights:  Target (?)
Shoes:  Madden Girl via DSW

LAST CHANCE!  Comment to win a fabulous flat iron from Misikko
Winner will be announced tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh Miley!

Yet another example of my scitzophrenic style.  At least I never get bored.

Allow me to get this little factoid out of the way:  I'm wearing a Miley Cyrus for Wal-Mart t-shirt.  Before you start in on the mockery, I should also confess acquiring a funky zipper tank top and silver leggings via Ms. Cyrus.  Do you think less of me?  Perhaps you should.  Would it help if I told you that said pieces were $3 each?  That's worthy justification, right?

In all honesty, there is a lot about Miley that I like.  Her upbeat rocker tunes are actually pretty good.  It's the slower, country-ish sound of hers that I don't prefer.  I don't think her voice is very pretty, so her attempt at pretty songs hurt my ears a little.  Pop/rock songs are way better for her cool, raspy voice.  Ah, listen to me go on like I know something about musical talent...I just know that the last couple of times she's been on American Idol, she's done slower songs, and they were a bit painful.  In any case, thanks for the tee, Miley.

I'm slightly obsessed with these dark skinnies I picked up at Valu Thrift for all of $7.  They remind me what good denim is like.  They're high-waisted, have barely any stretch, and fit like a glove.  Unlike other jeans, they don't stretch out after one wear.  Sure, I have to unbutton them to sit down and my normal food intake is cut in half when I wear them, but it's totally worth it.

This day (Saturday) was spent running a few errands with my mom and then helping Elaina make a tutu.  By help I mean keep her company and try to keep the fabric off the floor.  The finished tutu was revealed the next morning and it's SO adorable.  It was made for Lori (aka Girly Muse), and I can't wait to see how she styles it!  I also can't wait to get my very own big girl tutu! 

Hat:  H&M
Necklace:  Target (?)
Tee:  Miley Cyrus for Wal-Mart
Jacket:  Burlington Coat Factory
Jeans:  Lux, thrifted via Valu Thrift
Booties:  Gift from mom

Monday, March 29, 2010

See The Wizard

What a fun weekend! 

Friday was Date Night.  Steve mustered up last minute tickets to The Wizard of Oz at the Orpheum Theater.  I don't get to downtown Minneapolis often, so we left right after work and got there early enough to shop, eat, and explore.  We found a Len Druskin outlet store that I didn't know existed.  The only one I knew of was at Southdale Mall, where I purchased this crazy sweater a couple years ago.  Everything there is at least 50% off.  I could've spent many hours and dollars just at the jewelry table, but resisted.  Steve bought a really nice pair of dress shoes which he badly needed.

We visited the massive Macy's where I bought a blazer and sweater on clearance.  Then off to the 2-story Target where I found the bike of my dreams.  I'm going to save my pennies and buy it THIS SEASON.  It's just a little matter of spending self-control.

The play was really, really good.  I didn't grow up watching Dorothy, so I didn't notice changes to the story or script like I'm sure many others did, including Steve.  The most impressive thing about the production (for me) was little Toto, likely the most well behaved little dog I'd ever seen!  He had a surprising amount of stage time.  Even with a lot of singing and dancing going on around him, he always remained perfectly placed...usually in Dorothy's arms. 

There were many little Dorothy's in the audience all dressed in blue gingham dresses, pigtails, and ruby slippers...cuteness personified.  Had I known that we'd be seeing The Wizard, I would've worn my shiny reds too.

Sweater:  Len Druskin Outlet
Tee:  Target
Jeans:  Lux, thrifted via Valu Thrift
Boots:  Madden Girl

Friday, March 26, 2010

Problems on the Cross-Eyed, High-Heeled Prairie

Ok, what the heck.  I look totally cross-eyed in this picture.  It's like my left eye took a little stroll too far right.  When I zoom in on the picture with my photo editor it looks relatively normal, but here it looks like I could use a visit to the optometrist...or even worse, the loony bin.

I know my eyes are little close together (I've been compared to Anna Paquin, Jennifer Garner and most recently Siobhan Magnus).  Thankfully, no one has told me I remind them of Vienna Girardi, also a member of the almost-crossed-eyed club. 

Anyway, please ignore the weirdo eyeball and concentrate on the outfit.

This dress is one of the only items I've ever purchased at Anthropologie.  I also bought a pair of pants there once, but they are (still) awaiting alteration and have never been worn. 

I'm a fan of this dress but have to be in a certain mood to wear it.  It's just a little too prairie-ish for my everyday style.  In fact, I wore this dress to the theater production of Little House on the Prairie this past fall.  That's a great memory.  I took one of my favorite people in the whole wide world...Greyley Kate...who had just turned 11...who is the precious offspring of Girly Muse.  Man, I wish I had taken good pictures of our day together - bad, BAD blogger

I might feel a little better about the dress in general if it were shorter.  This length isn't terrible, but it makes me feel just a bit dowdy.  And I have to figure out a better way to cover up the cleavage, being that the neckline is so low.  The ruffled henley works in a pinch.  Steve wasn't up early enough to tie the sash in the back for me, so I experimented by wrapping it around and tying it in the front.  I think I like it better this way.  And those adorable pink high heels...I do so wish they were easier to walk in.  Perfection sure is hard to attain (sigh).

Henley:  Old Navy
Dress:  Anthropologie
Tights:  Target (?)
Shoes:  Charles David via

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Steve and I have a little friend named Audrey.  She belongs to our long-time friends Scott and Nadine.  Audrey holds a special little place in my heart because I've watched her grow since before she was even born.  I remember meeting up with S & N at the Minnesota State Fair in 2005, seeing them for the first time since I found out they were pregnant, congratulating them on their exciting news. 

Steve and Scott play disc golf and poker together (a lot) and Nadine would come over to my place to veg while the boys were out.  We were really good couch potatoes together.  I had a red futon that we would fold out into a bed.  We'd lay there for hours with the electric blanket, watching chick flicks and snacking and talking politics.  Nadine's belly grew and grew, but she was one of those that barely gained weight while pregnant...she was ALL adorable belly.  And she wore high heels the whole time too.

Audrey was born March 23, 2006 and by this time Steve and I were in the thick of wedding plans.  I remember rocking/bouncing infant Audrey to sleep at our groom's dinner on May 18th and being quite smitten with her.  As I watch Audrey grow up, I can't help but think that's what my marriage looks's a feisty 4 year old, just like Audrey.  Heehee.

When Scott called to invite us to Audrey's birthday party, he said we could bring our niece(s) if we wanted (um, YES).  Nora is just a few months older than Audrey and we thought they would probably get along really well.

First, we took Nora to Target to pick out Audrey's birthday gift.  We were advised that anything princess or Barbie would be well received.  I tried to steer Nora toward a cool Barbie & Bicycle, but she insisted on going with Barbie & Horsey.  Turns out Audrey had been eyeing that Horsey with her mama the other day to which Nadine had said "maybe you'll get it for your birthday".  Apparently, great 4 year old minds think alike.

Within minutes of meeting each other, they were in dress up clothes playing 'house' or 'princess' or some such pretending.  They rotated between that, trampoline, and swings until the party really got started with cake, presents and a My Little Pony pinata.

Of course, one of the best things about kiddie birthday parties for me is that I can get away with dressing a little goofy.  Observe...

I love this big bow headband I purchased from Etsy shop Pink Zombies, but have a hard time finding occasions to wear it. So far, I've worn it for Minnie Mouse (Disney Cruise) and now to a 4 year olds birthday party. Totally appropriate, I think. Wasn't able to get my bangs to look quite right, but thankfully kids don't notice or care about things like that.

Headband:  Etsy, Pink Zombies
Scarf:  Disney Cruise Gift Shop
Sweater:  Kohl's (?)
Jacket:  Gap, thrifted
Skirt:  J. Crew
Tights:  Walmart (?)
Shoes:  Rampage, gift from friend Teresa

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Friday night, the choir was given the opportunity to lead worship for a special service at Lighthouse Church in Rosemount, MN.  We're a loud, rowdy group as far as church music is concerned (we try to behave ourselves in every other sense).  Every congregation receives us differently.  We've shocked and likely offended a few.  Others just tolerate us.  But more often than not, people love us and our 'joyful noise'.  I can hardly think of a church that loved us more than the sweet people at Lighthouse.  They were so friendly and made us feel right at home.

Check out the denim vest I procured at Valu Thrift last week!  Have you seen the latest Gap ads?  I guess it's all about denim now...denim on denim on denim.  I haven't ventured down that trend path yet, but when I do, I'll have a snazzy denim vest to layer up.  If you couldn't guess...the choir uniform was black and denim.

Friends, I have a serious problem with flats.  I'll probably need to dedicate an entire post to this issue, but I must tell you now, I cannot find a pair of flats that don't literally rub me the wrong way.  These black peep toes are good, quality leather shoes that were originally priced around $80.  No amount of rubbing is acceptable in a pricey pair of shoes.  Flats cause me pain.  I'd like to know why.

As the choir ritual goes, several of us met up for appetizers after the service.  As we were getting ready to leave, I realized that my three girlfriends and I were all wearing bright jackets on top of our black and denim.   

left to right:  Elaina, Courtney, Me, Nadine

A picture of our awesomeness was necessary.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Product Review & Giveaway!

Hair.  Oh the many-a-time I have wished I could shave it all off and not be burdened with it.  I have no patience for my hair whatsoever.  It simply does what it does, never asking me what I prefer.  Being one with straight hair, I wish for flirty, volumous curls.  And those with curls most often dream of my seemingly maintenance-free straight hairs.  Neither is superior, of course.  Every hair type comes with its pros and cons.  It just seems the cons are magnified when I'm already 10 minutes late for church and my silky strands will hardly stay in a ponytail, let alone be molded into anything fancy. 

My hair is straight, but not perfectly so.  A wave here.  A kink there.  An unnatural part.  A weird cowlick.  Those little nuisances and imperfections that I try so hard ignore.  

When I go to the salon, the stylist always flat irons my hair to get it silky smooth.  After that, I wish I never had to wash my hair again.  For a few sweet hours, maybe even a full day, perfection has been attained atop my head.  But I know it's only temporary because I have had neither the tools nor the skills to duplicate the stylist's handiwork.  Several hairdressers have suggested that I invest in a flat iron, and I always meant to, really I did...

So how perfectly appropriate that the kind folks at Misikko would contact me to review one of their high-quality hair straighteners!  How in the world did they know to send me a pink one to match my bathroom!?  Luck-ducky me!  Misikko's products come in all different styles and colors - check out their Chi flat irons for sale, the Babyliss flat iron, and see what are considered the best flat irons!

I have very little experience or expertise with hair products of any kind, so I was a bit nervous that I wouldn't know how to use my cute, pink flat iron to its full potential.  Thankfully, once I got the temperature setting high enough (it heats up in seconds!), I figured it out just fine and it worked great! 

First, I straightened out the kinks in my hair.  Then, I proceeded to curl my hair under to give it a little lift.  It worked!  And I no longer fear the flat iron!  Now I can get that sleek look, like I just stepped out of the salon.  Or I can have soft, pretty curls.  Oh, what fun possibilities!

Surely, you're itching to get your hands (and hair) on one of these pretties too.  Good news!  Misikko has generously offered to giveaway a Hana Professional Flat Iron to one lucky Spoils of Wear reader!  Whoohoo!

Simply leave a comment with your email address for a chance to win!

For extra chances to win, do the following and let me know in your comment:
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***U.S. Residents only (so sorry international readers).

I will announce the winner Thursday, April 1st (no foolin'). Good luck, friends!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Headbands & Bare Legs

I've been liking headbands since I cut my hair.  I've always thought they were so cute on other people, but when I'd try to style my hair in a similar way, it would always prove problematic.  Either the headband wouldn't stay in place, or it would make my ears stick out, or it would be too tight and give me a headache, or I couldn't get my hair volumous enough in the back, or, or, get my point...headbands have not been noggin'-friendly for me.

BUT, since I've had my hair short I've been able to backcomb it for just enough volume to get me by.  And with bangs I'm able to place the headband far enough forward on my head that it stays put...for at least several hours. 

I'm having the best of luck with fabric types that have elastic in the back.  I found the greatest Etsy shop, Two Young Hearts that sells them for $2.99 with FREE SHIPPING!  Seriously, it's such a great deal I just HAD to share!  They come in all sorts of great prints and with the comfortable elastic band; they will fit almost anyone's head!  I can often be hesitant about buying online because it's nearly impossible to know exactly what I'll get, but I took a chance on Two Young Hearts because the price was SO right.  I'll definitely be ordering more!

We had such great weather most of last week.  I even ventured out without tights!  It wasn't too long before I acknowledged that it was still too cold to go without them.  Which is perfectly fine...I actually prefer tights over bare legs anyway.

Headband:  Etsy, Two Young Hearts
Earrings:  Target
Shirt:  Ross (Atlanta)
Dress:  Macy's
Belt:  H&M (?)
Jacket:  Gap, thrifted
Boots:  Madden Girl via DSW

Friday, March 19, 2010

Pretty Plaid

Remember those 3 seconds when my skin was a healthy shade of reddish-tan?  I remember....(Sigh)

Here I am, back to being my white, pasty self.  It's ok, really.  Some of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses are pasty white (I keep telling myself).  Healthy glows are so overrated.  Over the last few days, my sunburned feet have begun to peel.  The other night, my skin was coming off in sheets.  Yeah, it's really gross, but it's also really fun.    Let's be real here, people.  Who doesn't enjoy peeling a hard-earned sunburn?  It's oddly fascinating, isn't it?

Well, now that I've revealed my disgusting, skin-peeling secret and perhaps grossed a few of you out, let's talk about my outfit, ok?

The items I'm wearing here are several years old and were all well under $10.  Except the shoes.  They were marked waaaaaayyy down at DSW.  I think the regular price was $120 or some ridiculous amount I would never pay.  They came to me for less than $25.  They're one of the most comfortable pair of heels I own.

I really love this plaid skirt because the colors are so pretty and girly.  Most other plaid prints in my wardrobe consist of darker, more gender-neutral colors.  I do believe this skirt is Isaac Mizrahi for Target.  I was pretty bummed when his line went away...he had some good stuff.  Thankfully, Target continues to reel me in with their ever-evolving clothing section, Isaac or no Isaac.  Thanks for making it up to me, Target.

White Tank:  Wal-Mart
Purple Tank:  F21
Jacket:  Target
Skirt:  Target
Tights:  Old Navy
Bracelet:  Old Navy
Shoes:  DSW

A big thanks to lovely Jane at See Jane Remix for the blog award!

Hey, look!  The award matches my outfit!

This award requires the recipient to share 10 things about themselves.  It was a stretch for me to come up with 7 things here, so I'll carry those over and just list an additional 3.

1.  I have self-diagnosed myself as a sufferer of RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome), which is just about the lamest condition ever.  But I swear, I've had it since my late teens, before the annoying pharmecutical commercials got involved.

2.  I try to design my excel spreadsheets so all of the cells are the same width and height.  At the very least each cell has to be set at an even number.  I am the only one I know who does this, so if anyone else can relate, let me know, because I feel like a weirdo.

3.  My alarm clock is of the fancy sort that projects the time on the ceiling so I never have to roll over.   I'm not even embarrassed about how lazy that makes me.  In fact, I'm rather proud.

Sneak Peek

Be sure to stop by next week for a chance to win a Misikko Flat Iron!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Belated St. Patrick's Day

Hello.  Being that I'm usually a few days behind on outfit posts, it wasn't too likely that I was going to get my green duds up on St. Patty's Day.  And since I didn't have anything green prepared, I decided to skip yesterday's post altogether.  Instead, I got all crazy-productive at work.  Unfortunately, I don't have much to show for my efforts, but I know I did something yesterday. 

I'm not really a celebrator of St. Patrick's Day, but I do think its fun to wear green with everyone else.  I have no idea if I have any Irish blood coursing through my veins, but if I do, it's minimal.  I think I'm mostly Swedish on my dad's side and who-knows-what-combination on my mom's.  It doesn't matter though.  The holiday is a really big deal in St. Paul, Irish or not.  People take off work, dress up as leprechauns, carry around pots of gold (not really), get really drunk, ect., ect., ect.  It's the only holiday (that I'm aware of) when public transportation is free.

I don't drink beer.  I think it smells like vomit. (Have I mentioned that before?)  And I have no desire to 'acquire the taste' of anything that smells that way.  I'll stick with wine and cocktails...or better yet, just water with lemon, please.  Gosh, I'm boring.

After work yesterday I stopped by Valu Thrift to check out their stock.  A fellow shopper recognized me from my blog!  (HI ANNA!)  It's the first time that has ever happened to me!  It's weird having the cyber world and real world cross paths, but I'm SO flattered that there are people out there that enjoy what I do here.  And there's no reason why my Twin City followers/lurkers can't be real life friends too!

I picked up a few treasures at Valu that I'm really excited to show you!

Scarf:  San Juan Airport Giftshop
Vest:  Vintage, thrifted
Sweater:  Target
Trousers:  Kohls
Shoes:  Kohls

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Layers

Yet another item I can check off my unworns list...

I picked up this dress from TJ Maxx or Marshall's (can't remember which) many, many months ago and Sunday was its debut.  Shameful. When I bought it, I had thought it would get so much wear...hello, it's a black and white dress.  So I'm not exactly sure why it's had to wait so long to be worn.  Maybe because it has slight cap-sleeves - the most unflattering sleeve length on me.  Or because the neckline is too low to be worn without something underneath it.  Or because it has the tiniest belt loops (not the kind that can be easily removed or covered up), and I have this thing about wearing a belt when there are loops.  Which is why I typically just remove them.  In this case, I wrapped a black tie from another dress around my waist and called it good didn't show up in the picture.

So as I was getting ready for church on Sunday I was thinking "spring layers" and this is what happened.  Black is not so very springy, but yellow is!  As are breezy fishnets without an extra layer of tights underneath.  Yippee!

My closet was such a disaster that I couldn't find my plain, black pumps.  Good thing too, because if I'd been able to find them I might not have tried the leopard print on, and I think they turned out much better.  I did clean out that closet when I got home was way past-due.

Shirt:  ???
Dress:  Nine West via TJ Maxx/Marshall's
Cardigan:  Old Navy
Tights:  ???
Shoes:  Macy's
Purse:  Target

Monday, March 15, 2010


Let's pretend I am interviewing for job in a casual office, on a Friday.  Hypothetically, this is what I'd wear.  They say it's better to be overdressed than underdressed for an interview (even a pretend one), but I say if you know exactly what kind of environment you're walking into, it's best to hit the nail on the head.  Neither overdressed nor underdressed, but perfectly appropriate-like.

Since its Friday, jeans would be appropriate for a normal day at the office.  But for an interview?  Even a pretend one?  Just couldn't do it.  Trouser jeans in a dark wash would be ok, but I don't own a pair that fit.  It really doesn't matter though...since this interview only exists in the land of make-believe.  Or does it?

So instead, I don a dark denim pencil skirt.  Casual, yet professional.  A modest, oxford shirt in a conservative print, tucked in...because this is the staple of corporate-casual attire, right?  Right.  But the whole thing is just such a bore that I am utterly dissatisfied until I can find something visually appealing to add to the outfit.  Enter the lime green scarf I purchased in the San Juan airport last week.  In some instances, I almost love this shade of green more than yellow.  Say what!?  I feel like I just betrayed yellow, my current, favorite color-love.

At the risk of looking a bit like a snobbish-preppy, I pop the collar of my oxford and tie the scarf in place.  Viola!

Shirt:  Ralph Lauren, thrifted
Scarf:  Airport Giftshop
Belt:  Kohls (?)
Earrings & Skirt:  Target
Tights:  Walmart
Boots:  JC Penny
Clutch:  Third Willow

Speaking of make-believe, I saw Alice in Wonderland on Friday night.  Unfortunately, the story was only so-so and didn't live up to the hype.  However, it was visually exquisite.  I love the various dresses Alice wears.  I love the Mad Hatter's huge, green eyes.  I love the Red Queen's enormous head.

I had forgotten that Anne Hathaway played the part of the White Queen, so when she first appeared in the movie I thought, "Yeh, I love Anne."  Only I didn't really end up loving her as the White Queen.  I get what she was trying to do/be, but it just came across she was trying.  Oh well, can't win every performance, I suppose.

Unlike the White Queen, I felt Alice was well-cast.  I had never seen Mia Wasikowska in anything before and was a little taken aback in the first scene when I thought she looked sort of sickly.  She has the most lovely, pale skin that made the grayness around her eyes seem odd.  Though as the movie progressed, I thought her more and more beautiful.  And by the time she encountered the Jabberwocky, I was a fan.

I had high hopes for the movie, being such a fan of the latest Willy Wonka.  Unfortunately, I wouldn't recommend seeing it for the cost of a full-price theater ticket.  And I definitely wouldn't recommend it for kids under age 8.

Did you see Alice in Wonderland?  What did YOU think?

Friday, March 12, 2010


How completely adorable is this dress!!!???  SO ADORABLE!

Ok, so you must run (virtually, of course) over to Grosgrain for a chance to win this Shabby Apple dress in your choice of size. 

The giveaway is here.

What are you waiting for?  Go forth!  Win it!  Wear it!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Product Review: Third Willow

Spring is near!  We're having some dreary, rainy days here in my neck of the woods.  And I'll happily take rain over more snow, thank you very much.  Rain can be fun to dress up for too, don't you think?  That's exactly what I did on Tuesday after receiving the most lovely clutch purse from Third Willow.

I was so excited about the opportunity to review an item from Third Willow.  And when it arrived, it was even more beautiful than I expected!  I adore the ruffle detailing and all the handy pockets inside!  Being a 'large purse' kind of girl, I wasn't sure a clutch would suit my needs, but this one's a very comfortable size...not too small, not too big.  My cards, phone, and access card each have their own pocket for easy retrieval.  So it's practical and fabulous...good attributes for a purse. 

The leather is obviously's quite soft and luxurious.

I feel so chic carrying this baby lie.  Though I chose to dress it up classy-like for the first wear, I totally see myself using it for a trendy, casual look too.  Like maybe some distressed jeans, tee and blazer with high heels or boots...oh yeah.

Fellow Minnesotan Bill is the artist behind the lovely designs at Third Willow.  In celebration of his upcoming birthday, you can purchase any regular priced item in his Etsy shop and receive 30% off your order.  Here's what you do:  purchase the item at full price and in the "message to buyer" add the greeting "happy birthday" to receive a 30% refund.  Offer good through March 19.  Somebody might want to snatch up the adorable leather flower key chain before I can find my credit card.  I've been using that golf's definitely time for an upgrade.

Uhm, about that keychain... too late, I totally bought it. 

Blouse:  Vintage, thrifted via Valu Thrift
Cardigan:  Target brand, thrifted
Jacket:  Forever 21, gift from hubby a few years ago
Skirt:  JC Penny
Tights:  Target(?)
Shoes:  Nine West via DSW
Clutch:  compliments of Third Willow

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cruisin' Along

Steve and I had a glorious vacation.  It was our first experience with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, having been faithful to Disney for our past 3 cruises.  You'd think a cruise is a cruise is a cruise.  But, no.  We found Royal Caribbean to be completely different.  Not necessarily better or worse...just different. 

One of the differences was that of the crazy-full itinerary.  We visited 5 different islands, 5 days in a row.  The islands were:  Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Maarten, and St. Croix.

We spent our day at the beach in Barbados.  Rented a jet-ski for 1/2 hour.  My first time on a jet-ski.  It was scary, but really fun.

We had no plans for the beautiful island of St. Lucia, the island I was most excited about - anybody watch The Bachelor?  Anybody want to admit it?

So when we got off the ship we went straight to the port information desk and asked what we should do.  We ended up taking a private driving tour of the island guided by a really awesome local guy named Ronald.  He educated us on all kinds of native vegetation, showed us where the rich people camp out, how most of the locals live, and took us to a few beautiful lookout points.

Baby bananas.

Chairs on a hot, tin roof.

Beautiful, scenic overlook.

Our guide, Ronald.

Antigua was probably our most memorable island.  We shared a 40 minute cab ride with another cruising couple who had plans to snorkel at Half Moon Bay.  The trek was certainly worth it.  We practically had the entire beach to ourselves. 

To the side of the half moon, the water was calm enough to snorkel and swim.  In the middle, however, the waves were strong enough to knock a person over, and big enough for some fun body surfing.  This was also the day Steve and I got the most sun...burned into our skin, that is.  My feet in particular were scorched.  They swelled up and turned a brilliant shade of red.  Not going to hurt.  And the ship didn't have aloe to purchase.  What's a cruise ship that doesn't have aloe?  And why didn't we think to pack it?  Sheesh.

The next stop was St. Maarten.  This is where we planned to shop.  Don't get me wrong, I like diamonds and all, but the jewelry stores were a bit overkill for me.  And it seemed every shop carried the same stuff, similar prices.  Steve gave me $100 to buy whatever I fancied, but crazy as it may seem, I boarded the ship from St. Maerten empty handed.  I blame my burned feet for putting me in an anti-shopping mood.

Notice the feet?  Burned to a crisp.  Ouchie.

Our last day we went to St. Croix.  It had a different feel than the other islands...definitely more American.  It was SO hot out that day.  We browsed the shops and walked around the town.  We chatted up a local couple who'd moved there from Arkansas.  Apparently island living isn't ALL it's cracked up to be.  I think Steve and I would give it a whirl if we ever had the opportunity though.  :)

We has such a lovely, relaxing time.  Spent hours reading and napping on the deck.  Played lots of Shuffleboard and actually started playing by the real rules...Steve won most of the games.  We met some really great people.  We ate and drank very well...hence my current caffine withdrawl.  For seven sweet days, life was pure bliss...and sunburn.

(Thank you, Stevie, for this wonderful vacation.  I wouldn't want to spend it with anyone else. Love you tons.)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Selfish Style

Hey Readers!  The great folks at are offering YOU 15% off your purchase with coupon code spoilsofwear.

With already low prices and free shipping (love that), ya can't go wrong.  I have my eyes on this darling romper and this perfectly versatile grey dress.

Go ahead, get your selfish style on.  :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

Shirt-Dress Recap

Hi Everyone!  I'm back from my fun week in the sun!

Today was intended to be voting day for your favorite shirt-dress style, but somehow the poll ended up posting on Friday instead...huh.  Oh well.  Thanks to all for your feedback and comments.  If you haven't placed your vote yet, it's not too late - the poll is here.

Here are the results so far:

Day 1 - 25%

Day 2 - 39% (current winner!)

Day 3 - 10%

Day 4 - 10%

Day 5 - 14%

I'm a little embarrassed to admit how much I missed the blog world while on vacation.  I'm anxious to catch up with comments and blog-stalking, but the real world must come first.  Hopefully I'll be caught up and back on the blogging bandwagon within the next few days.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Shirt-Dress, 5 of 5

I hope this little shirt-dress experiment has been as fun for you as it was for me.  Ok, it probably wasn't quite as much fun for you...but I hope it was somewhat enjoyable nonetheless. 

Styling the shirt-dress this way seemed inevitable, but I really wasn't sure how I would comfortably fit all the extra fabric into a pair of pants.  Believe me, I tried a few times and fought a whole lot of lumps and bumps on my backside.  In the end, I won the battle of the bulges by simply folding up the shirttail.  I had to pick out a pair of pants that were a bit big on me and were of a substantial fabric.  Enter:  the corduroy trousers (thanks guys!).  That's me, conversing with my clothes again.

Speaking of clothes, I hope to have some cruise-wear to show you next week! 

And speaking of next week, if all goes to plan, there will be a poll up on Monday for you to vote for your favorite shirt-dress style!  I hope to see you then!

A happy, happy weekend to you all!

Shirt-dress:  Gap, thrifted via Valu Thrift
Sweater:  H&M
Belt:  Thrifted via ARC's Value Village
Cords:  Gap, thrifted
Boots:  JC Penny

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shirt-Dress, 4 of 5

I heart jumpers.  Always have.  Even when my parents put me in private school for 6th grade and I was devastated that I would have to wear a uniform, it soon became a non-issue because I loved the plaid jumper so much.  My mom agreed to hem it significantly...because she's cool like that.  It really was quite cute.  I stood out because those were the days when the girls in my church social circle absolutely did NOT wear short skirts...religion n' all....

Anyhoo...this red frock is more of a dress than a jumper, but the way I'm wearing it here with the oxford collar brings me back to my jumper/uniform days.  Good times, good times.

My husband was so cute, came up to me and said, "your other dress is showing".  Kind of discreet like it was my slip or something.  I said, "I know, I left it that way on purpose".  I can see how that might be confusing...

Shirt-dress:  Gap via Valu Thrift
Dress:  Target
Belt:  ???
Tights:  Old Navy
Shoes:  Anne Klein via DSW