Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Layers

Yet another item I can check off my unworns list...

I picked up this dress from TJ Maxx or Marshall's (can't remember which) many, many months ago and Sunday was its debut.  Shameful. When I bought it, I had thought it would get so much wear...hello, it's a black and white dress.  So I'm not exactly sure why it's had to wait so long to be worn.  Maybe because it has slight cap-sleeves - the most unflattering sleeve length on me.  Or because the neckline is too low to be worn without something underneath it.  Or because it has the tiniest belt loops (not the kind that can be easily removed or covered up), and I have this thing about wearing a belt when there are loops.  Which is why I typically just remove them.  In this case, I wrapped a black tie from another dress around my waist and called it good enough...it didn't show up in the picture.

So as I was getting ready for church on Sunday I was thinking "spring layers" and this is what happened.  Black is not so very springy, but yellow is!  As are breezy fishnets without an extra layer of tights underneath.  Yippee!

My closet was such a disaster that I couldn't find my plain, black pumps.  Good thing too, because if I'd been able to find them I might not have tried the leopard print on, and I think they turned out much better.  I did clean out that closet when I got home though...it was way past-due.

Shirt:  ???
Dress:  Nine West via TJ Maxx/Marshall's
Cardigan:  Old Navy
Tights:  ???
Shoes:  Macy's
Purse:  Target


Lemondrop Marie said...

The outfit turned out so well! Love the touch of leopard and the pop of yellow. I am embarking on a closet cleanout soon and dreading it.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Recovering Procrastinator said...

Super cute! This is one of my favorite outfits so far. And I LOVE the shoes.

nic said...

Fab outfit! You look so chic!

Anonymous said...

those shoes look great with that outfit - they totally *make* it, if you know what i mean ;) looks good!

The Daily Fashionista said...

You are rocking those leopard print shoes like no one's business! I love how you paired them with the yellow and black.

eek said...

great dress! i love it with your yellow cardi. your shoes are fab too!

Kayla said...

I love this outfit. And the idea of an "unworns" list. I really need to put one together.


projectvee said...

love the pop of colour :) and the shoes are a nice touch!
ps. check out/follow my blog? :)