Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Boots of Spring

I'm SO behind on outfit posts.  I must've worn this last week...maybe Thursday?  And I even have some outfits worn before that awaiting their turn on the blog. 

It's been decided that I need spring-friendly boots in light colors.  White would be cool, but how long would that last?  A day, if that.  Light gray or tan would be good.  My Madden Girl cognac-colored boots get a TON of wear year round and could use a friend (or two) for the warmer months.  My dark, heavy footwear will be going into storage shortly. 

Speaking of Madden Girl, I'd just like to say (in case I haven't said it before) that it's been a great brand for me.  Some of the styles can look a bit juvenile, but most are right up my alley.  I own 3-4 pairs (all heels) and they are so comfortable.  I was reminded today when I grabbed a pair I haven't worn in a while, slipped them on sans-tights, walked around a bit and thought "I forgot how comfortable these are."  They are also very reasonably priced, being the low-end of Steve Madden's shoe empire.  Way to come down to my level, S.M., much appricated.

Sweater:  Target brand, thrifted
Dress (as shirt):  Free from work (win it here!)
Belt:  ???
Skirt:  H&M, thrifted
Boots:  JC Penny

Only 1 day left to enter the Green Dress Giveaway! 

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Kristie said...

I love how you wore the dress as a shirt ~ so fabulous! I hear you on the boots! I have one black and three brown. White would not work for me, but light gray would be very pretty!

Keira said...

I'm a big fan of Madden Girl, too! The styles are adorable, well-made, and most important, totally affordable. Have a few pair in my shoe wardrobe, and have my eye on some of the spring line of pumps, too :)