Friday, April 16, 2010

Not a Dickey

It's Friiiiiidaaaaay!!!!  I'm REALLY excited about this weekend.  Particularly because of a couple events I'll be attending tomorrow.  Yeh!

This is what I wore last Wednesday.  This picture must've been taken in the morning because I look sleeeeepy.  One of these weeks, I'll try to get outfit posts current and in chronological order, but until then, you get old outfits.

I can't express the importance of sleeveless blouses in my wardrobe.  Remember the Dickey?  It wouldn't surprise me one bit if K-Mart and/or Wal-Mart still carried these in certain areas of the country.  They're part disturbing, part brilliant.  My sleeveless blouses serve the same purpose, but are much safer in my opinion.  Like, if I were to remove my dress, I would still be wearing a shirt.  Not the case with a Dickey.  Am I in the habit publicly of removing important articles of clothing?  No.  But better safe than sorry.  I'm forever wishing sleeved blouses were sleeveless because they layer up so much better that way...and I'm rarely layer-less.

This black dress might've been a choir, graduation, or judge robe in its former life.  Maybe some clever person thought to shorten it to pass as a dress.  If so, it worked.  You know how I feel about all-black on me, so color was necessary: fuchsia tights!  It is springtime after all. And it just so happened that my jacket matched perfectly.

I've had these hounds-tooth shoes for a couple of years.  I had tried them on numerous times with various outfits, but a different pair of heels would always win out.  So this may be their first official wear.  I even had to brush the dust off of the bows!  Sad!  They're actually pretty comfortable too!

Sleeveless Oxford:  ???
Dress:  Vintage, thrifted via Rewind
Necklace:  Urban Outfitters
Belt:  H&M
Tights:  Target
Shoes:  Kohls
Jacket:  Herberger's

I hope you get lots of happy sunshine this weekend and are able to enjoy it!


Lisa said...

Your "better safe than sorry" comment reminds me of my mom (and I think every TV mom in existence) reminding us kids to always have clean undies on. Because why would we not and what is the reasoning for needing to make sure we did?

Anyhoo, I love that belt and the pop of purple from the tights. And I agree, I wish I had more sleeveless blouses bc inevitably I'll be layering too.

She Spys said...

When I was a child and I first learned what a dickey was I thought it was brilliant!!! But, I agree a sleeveless shirt is much safer :)

Lauren said...

hahaha oh the dickey. I am from Alabama and I'm sure if i searched in just the right place, I'd still find one of these. I think I had one as a child and always found it quite disturbing.

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

i love your bold purpl tights!

a pretty penny said...

Haha, I'm with Lisa... the first thing I thought of was the "clean undies" lesson I think all little ladies learn from their moms :)

That said, I'm in love with the color of these tights!

sarah said...

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