Friday, May 7, 2010

How I Fly

Steve and I have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit since we've been married.  Sometimes Steve goes for work and I tag along (like this last trip to San Antonio), and sometimes we go just to go (we're expert vacationers). 
After so many trips, I think I've finally settled on the perfect flying attire: 
Cotton shirt-dress:  like pj's, but not.
Tights/leggings:  for modest mobility and warmth.
Slip-on boots:  comfortable and easy to get on and off.
Scarf/pashmina:  multi-purpose accessory.

Since we're typically going to/from completely different climates, what I wear on and off the plane has to make sense for both warm and cold weather.  Even if I was going from one warm place to another, I like to be prepared for a chilly plane ride.

The rolling backpack that I carry deserves a post of it's own - best $20 ever spent.  In it, I carry a small purse (for phone, ID, money, ect.), travel pillow, paper & pen, camera, books & magazines, sunglasses, hoodie, water bottle & Snicker bar (after security), and if I'm really extra change of clothes.  Too many times have we decided to take a next-day flight in exchange for airline vouchers, only to realize that our luggage will be on our original flight back to MSP and we have no clean underwear...that's a problem.

Always happy to be on the ground and not on the tarmac.

Please excuse the sub-quality pictures taken with my iphone.

Scarf:  San Juan Airport
Dress:  Wal-Mart
Leggings:  Anne Klein, DSW
Purse:  Target
Boots:  Madden Girl,


Teri said...

Did you get that dress recently at Walmart? Because I WANT ONE!
Super cute traveling outfit.

Kayla said...

I love those boots. I need a pair like that, even if my feet would sweat to death.

I have a new job strictly for my fashion musings. Please follow me there!

Tamara said...

OK, I want to see this backpack you're bragging about!!!

Megan said...

You look adorable! The green scarf is lovely. I'm happy to have stumbled across your blog.