Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Swing Golfer Golfer Swing

So...not to get all big-headed or anything, but you should know that I obtained the women's longest drive score on the golf simulator at the conference I attended in San Antonio.  It was aaaallll me.  Ok, so maybe it took me all afternoon with several breaks in between tries, but I got it.  I finally got.  I swung so hard my whole body ached the next day.  All to have my name written on a chinsy white board for a few glorious minutes.  It was totally worth it.

The highest score before mine was 195.5.  I easily shot 195.4 (no joke) and would not let the day end like that.  And I'm not even that competitive of a person.   At one point, I even had an audience of people watching me try to beat the score.  It was intense.  One guy came over to tell me my swing scared him.  As it should have...I was swinging with unnatural force.  Finally, FINALLY just as they were about to shut the whole operation down at 5pm, I hit a 202.9.  Victory!

One of the first things Steve did when we got back to MN was plan our first golf game of 2010.  Ever since I received a Keri Golf Bag (read about her here) a few summers ago for my birthday, I've tried to look more like a real golfer.  I could easily forgo the polo shirt and khakis uniform for a t-shirt and jeans,  but that just wouldn't look right.

Our day started out sunny, but chilly.  And once we got out onto the open golf course, the wind chill was almost unbearable.  My cute golf outfit soon became sub-priority to simply staying warm.  The jacket I had did little good, and oh how I wished I owned a right-handed glove.  It would be great if golf courses would give rain checks for insanely windy days.  At one point, my hat flew off (revealing a very bad case of hat hair), and I had to chase it down the fairway (as Steve tried to contain his laughter watching me from the golf cart). By hole 18, I was completely exhausted. 

Even so, we had a good time.  I hit some really nice drives thanks to all that swing practice I had earlier in the week.  My short game was pretty terrible though...I must work on my put-put skills.


Kate said...

Jealous. My first time out will be this weekend hopefully. Looking forward to all that green...

Ross Taylor said...

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