Thursday, May 20, 2010

Unnatural Growth

Look at me!  I seemed to have sprouted a few extra inches!  Ok,'s the shoes.  They're like 5" heels, but they don't feel like it because of the sweet platform.  If not for the slick soles that nearly had me on the floor several times, the shoes are actually pretty comfortable.  And I just bought non-slip pads, so that minor problem will be solved by the next wear.  I was so excited when I spotted these shoes at the thrift store.  Couldn't find a size on them anywhere but tried them on anyway.  Note to self:  always try on, because ya just never know!  I regret not getting a close-up of them for your viewing pleasure.  Next time.

The same thrifty trip led me to these skinny-ish trousers too.  I thought the higher rise would be cool...I'm sort of liking higher waisted pants these days.  But I forgot to take into account how short-waisted I am, and these ended up giving me some grief.  IF they laid super flat against my abdomen it would've been fine, but they stretched when I sat and gave me the look of a pouchy tummy.  Oh well.  Better luck next time.  I still believe the pants and shoes were made for each other...tall pants + very high heels = practical?  Wait.  Maybe not.  But at least my pants aren't dragging on the floor, because you know how lazy I am about alterations.  SO LAZY cheap.

One of my many mantras:  If your pants are too long, buy taller shoes. 

Case in point.

Blouse:  Forever 21
Cardigan:  Target
Jacket:  Wilson's Leather
Pants:  Banana Republic, thrifted via Valu Thrift
Shoes:  Quipid, thrifted via Valu Thrift
Purse:  Target


eek said...

Amazing look today! The combination of killer platforms and long lean pants definitely make you look tall! Love it!

I am definitely of the use-tall-heels-with-long-pants camp too - too lazy to alter as well :)

Emma Clark said...

Totally with you on that mantra. My trousers are normally too long and I simply wear them with heels. Those shoes look great - would definitely love to see a close-up.

Anonymous said...

HAHA I have the same matra!!

Your look adorable; but then again, you always do!!


Kendra said...

Oh I adore this outfit! One of my faves of yours recently. That jacket is amazing!!! And you def. need to get a close up of the shoes, I am intrigued! Are they clogs?

Anna M said...

Wow! Two great scores from Valu Thrift! I have had good luck with shoes there myself. I think those pants look great on you!