Friday, May 14, 2010

Yellow Trouble

All I want is a pair of plain and simple, yellow pumps.  
Yellow.  Not mustard or gold or blonde or tangerine....Yellow-yellow
Round or almond toe. 
Approximately 3" heel. 
Preferably no stiletto (chunkier heel). 

Oh yeah.  And I don't want to spend all of my allowance money on them.  But it seems I may have no other choice.

I'm in a dilemma here folks...a serious, serious dilemma.

You see, I found them.  The perfect pair.  I mentioned them way back here and I'm still thinking about them.  And you know how I like a bargain...I have a source where I can purchase them for more than 50% off.  Problem is...they retail at $250.  So even the sale price is a serious struggle for me.

Please vote on what you would do if you were obsessed with the perfect yellow shoes.  The outcome of the poll will not necessarily determine the choice I make...there are other factors involved (guts, money).  But it will help me to know what you would do in this predicament.  A part of me hopes the shoes will become unavailable and I won't have to make this choice.  On the other hand, I'm afraid I'll never find another pair of yellow shoes that will compare to these. 


Someone said...

Jill, I know it is tempting - but how likely is it really that you'll "never" find a basic pump like this again?

It would be one thing if you were looking for the perfect yellow pump with a clear heel or something, and found the ONLY ONE ever made, but there really are tons of yellow pumps on the market right now.

You can find some for a lot less and you'll be happier with yourself.

Rachel said...

The only way I would spend $125 on shoes would be if they were a triple win of being 1) stylish, 2) comfortable to walk in and 3) keeping my feet warm in MI winters.

But I'm not you. If you're obsessed with them and you know you'll wear then twice a month for the next two years (or whatever your personal "worth it" test is) then go for it. They do look fabulous.

Jilliebeanie said...

I have done a fair amount of searching for a similar shoe with little luck. If you come across anything that could compare, I would appreciate it so much if you would send me a link.

IF I were to purchase these, I'm sure a great, less-expensive option would appear shortly thereafter...and then I might regret this purchase.

Still more to think about...

Amanda said...

I love the shoes, not the price.

Kelly said...

OK here's the thing: I don't know your financial situation obviously, but $125 is a steep shoe price for me so I think I at least sort of understand your apprehension and can put myself in your shoes. But I voted Yes because:

1) You've been thinking about them for months and still want them
2) Yellow pumps are rare, perfect yellow pumps are rarer. This isn't like letting the perfect black pumps get away, when you know there are a million more black pumps out there to choose from.
3) I think yellow is one of those colors, like purple or green, that people can sometimes be afraid of but in reality they go with nearly everything.
4) They are a classic shape so I don't think they're too nutty/trendy to spend $$ on.

goldenmeans said...

Those are stunning. I too have been searching for a perfect yellow pump for a long while, and the color of that one is perfect. If you love it and haven't found anything like it still, I say go for it. If those were made in my size (sigh), I would buy it. And remember, you can use bing cashback for 20% off! So it would be $100 total, which isn't too *too* steep.

BTW, I personally bought these -- -- the other week and love them. I don't know if you are down for a peep toe (I personally dislike peep toes but finally caved in the face of a year of Yellow Shoe Defeat; they are actually surprisingly comfy), but if you are, these are also another specimen of pretty-yellow-pumps at a more affordable price.

Anna M said...

Oooh, though decision. I have been super into yellow lately as well. I agree with you that if you buy them, a cheaper pair will almost instantly appear. I hate that! I bet if you buy them you will find ways to wear them with everything! I say give yourself a little treat.
ps. Yes to partnering for Vintage Dress Week!! I'd love a partner in crime to motivate me. Let's wait till we hit the 70s in temps.

Amanda S. said...

So, I looked these up on Amazon. You know Endless and Amazon are sister companies and share their stock of shoes, right? On Amazon they're $99, but they don't have free returns. And you can check the quantity of each size if they're running low, and currently there are only 1 pair left of each size. You won't have long to wait if you're truly hoping for them to sell out. I'm no help. I love yellow too but have never gone searching for yellow pumps.

Emma Clark said...

They are lovely. I wear my yellow shoes a lot - they add a great pop of colour to any outfit.

Personally I couldn't justify that much on shoes. I bought mine on eBay for £1. Have you tried on there?

HAL said...

Jill, I love this blog of yours! Following now. I like the shoes; not my style, but they'd look adorable on you and I'm a sucker for patent. xo

tess said...

I love yellow shoes, so I'd go for it

.Clau. said...

I guess if you are thinking abou them for a long time, you really love them, you can have a great show with a $250 quality for less, I say it's a good BUY. Unless it's money you don't have.

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

I think if it was financially reasonable for me (i.e. not scrimping on other more important items/payments) and I'd been wanting something as badly as you want the yellow pumps, I'd probably have to go for it.

Can't wait to see what you decide.

I just found your blog tonight, and it's adorable! And so are you. Have a great weekend!

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

I love yellow at the moment and I would love a pair of yellow shoes. I think if you think you can afford them and you really love them, then you should get them.

Sarah Marae said...

Okay, so I know this is totally weird of me, but I just happened to have these in my eBay favorites - they're not exactly the same, but at 1/10 the price of your perfect shoes, maybe they'll be a decent consolation?


daisymay said...

Lovely shoes, but a little pricy, unless you have an great bank balance in which case, go for it! If not try ebay, found the most amazing shoes for my bridesmaids on there after looking for months for the perfect pair.