Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blogs & Buttonholes

Keepin' it simple today.  I considered not posting this outfit at all.  It was so brilliant in my head...the light blue, striped oxford paired with bright primary colors for Gap-like preppiness.  But I was rather disappointed that I didn't feel as 'brilliant' when I put it all on.  Giving it a second look, a scarf might have been a good accessory choice.  It seems to be missing something above the waist. 

A better fitting oxford would've helped too.  Tricky things, those oxfords.  They're always on the "10 Wardrobe Must-Haves" lists, but in reality, they're difficult to procure in flattering form for many body types.  Honestly, I'm just happy when the buttons don't struggle to meet the buttonholes.

I've been resisting the urge to apologize for my brief absences from blogworld.  But then I think it so unnecessary when other bloggers do that.  Of course I miss my favorite reads when they're not posting, but I totally understand and certainly don't need an apology.  Blogs are a weird medium, aren't they?  Little ongoing glimpses into the lives (and styles) of other people, yet through them we feel so connected and personal.  It's hard to be away without feeling a little incomplete...or worse, guilty.

But in reality, a blog is not usually top priority for the blogger.  That is unless blogging is their job, which is a whole other ballgame.  For me, life looks something like this:  Marriage, Family, Friends, Work, Choir, Youth Ministry....Spoils of Wear fits in somewhere down the line, but if even one of the other priorities require extra attention for a time, the blog will surely suffer.  

This always seems to happen when I'm really motivated.  I have a lot of great post ideas but just can't find the time to make them happen.  Then when I have all sorts of free blogging time, my creativity wanes.  Why is that?

Thank you, wonderful readers, for stickin' with me even when I'm not posting every day M-F, and for your patience in my delayed responses to your sweet comments.  I appreciate you more than you could know.

Oxford:  Forever 21, San Antonio
Belt:  ???
Skirt:  J. Crew
Shoes:  Target


Mary said...

I agree! I am always tempted to apologize when I've been gone for a while, but unless it's something I feel the need to share with my readers, I've come to realize it's no bigs :)
I know what you mean about outfits looking much better in your mind, I do that all the time. But I do love the color block aspect of this outfit, especially that gorgeous yellow skirt!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I think you pulled Gapesque preppy off very well with this outfit.

Keep posting - whether it's once a week or five times a week - I'll still be reading!

Laura said...

I love this outfit! I'm addicted to oxfords and pencil skirts for my summer workwear, the shoes are a perfect touch! Maybe a necklace that ties the shoes in a bit more would have worked? I probably would have gone without though!

Wanderlusting Fool said...

You look super cute in this outfit, I'm glad you posted it. I completely agree with the not being able to post every day. I almost went a month without posting anything but I was so happy when I came back to the blogging world :)

Kayla said...

Don't apologize to us!!! Although I'm guilty of doing the same thing. We'll be here whenever you post! Also I have taken the plunge and bought a semiexpensive oxford and gotten it tailored. Seems extravagant but trust me every time I put it on now it feel incredible.
Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Kimberly said...

This outfit is totally "blog-worthy" - that skirt and those shoes are dynamite!

Fashion Therapist said...

Great outfit. I absolutely love the yellow skirt on you. Adorable!

Mrs. Blimes said...

LOL I know exactly what you mean! Give me a spare hour to blog and I got nothin! You're right though, this blog-o-sphere is a strange and wonderful place.

PS I am a bargain hunter too! Love the thrill of a good find! I'll def be clickin the little "follow" button! :0)