Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hike Chic

I am putting a hold on the search for perfect yellow pumps (again).  Well, maybe not a hold exactly.  I'm still stalking my favorite shoe websites just in case they come out with new, summer styles in yellow.  And I'm constantly eyeing women's feet just in case some lucky woman is wearing my perfect shoes and I can tackle her to the ground, demand she give them to me kindly ask her where she got them.  But I'm not pursuing them like I was a few weeks ago.  I haven't been back to e-bay since those almost perfect vintage yellow heels slipped through my virtual fingers (sigh).

For now, I've moved on.  With a mountain road trip in the near future, I think my shopping efforts are better spent in search of far less glamorous footwear:  hiking shoes.  But actually, I found a few styles that aren't all that bad.  Not that appearance matters as much as comfort and function.  But if all qualities - style, comfort, function - can be found in one shoe, how much more worthwhile is that, right? 

I keep visualizing myself climbing Pike's Peak or navigating class 5 white water rapids in patent leather, yellow heels.  It just wouldn't be practical.  And I'd look ridiculous.



Anonymous said...

The pink and gray Columbia boots are my favorites.

If you'll only be carrying a day pack, the first pair is probably overkill.

Anonymous said...

I like the SCARPA pair and the Oboz pair. I have shoes that are similar to both (Vasque and Patagonia) and they've been really comfortable on long hikes. In terms of aesthetics, I wouldn't pick the other shoes you posted because I feel like the soles on those shoes make my feet seem very wide. I might be the only one who has that issue though!

Tamara said...

Oh girl, I just bought a pair of yellow pumps off of ebay (brand new) for $20.00. I'll have to forward you a picture!! If you promise not to tackle me!