Monday, June 28, 2010


Whoa.  It's Monday. looks like I'm missing an arm in this picture.  Don't worry, it's only hiding under this fun, slouchy sweater.  It would be difficult to blog with only one hand, but rest assured that I would persevere, just for all you amazing readers out there.  But let's hope that I remain fully limbed.

This is what I wore a few Sundays ago.  Sometimes I just don't feel like getting dressed up.  It used to be a big deal to get all gussied up for church.  I'm really glad that is no longer the case and people can just be comfortable if they so desire. 

I remember being new to the congregation, around age 11, and going to Sunday night service in my favorite acid-washed jeans, styled in perfect, early 90's fashion with big holes in the knees and black lace patches underneath.  Golly, those were so awesome.  Admittedly, they weren't exactly appropriate for the time and place.  I wonder how my new pal Emily had felt about having to tote around the little heathen (me). 

A few years later the "dress code" got a little more lenient, but I still wanted to display my rebellious ways, so instead of wearing a pretty dress on Easter Sunday, I wore jeans decorated with pastel sequins down the be "formal", of course.  Those were pretty awesome too.

Now, it doesn't matter.  I could show up in a bath robe and no one would care.  Not that I encourage standards quite that low...wouldn't want church to get weird or anything.

Necklace:  so very old
Sweater:  Kensie via Macy's
Tee:  Miley Cyrus via Walmart
Jeans:  Lux, thrifted via Valu Thrift
Shoes:  Target


Melissa said...

This shade of blue on you is stunning. So pretty. I love the slouchy style of the cardi!

(And pastel sequined jeans? We need pictures of those.)

Juanita said...

I want that sweater!!!!!!!!!!!