Monday, June 7, 2010

Store Criteria

Did anyone else get in on the insane clearance sale Old Navy had a few weeks back?  It was Mother's Day Weekend, I recall.  Additional 50% off clearance...can't beat it.  Old Navy is really hit-or-miss with me.  Sometimes I find great stuff at great prices.  Other times I find mediocre stuff at mediocre prices.  But I always give ON a chance, especially at their Mall of America flagship store.  This time, I hit the jackpot.  Two of my purchases debuted in the easy-breezy ensemble shown above.

Ahhh...clearance.  It's the backbone of my shopping "career".  I'm pretty established in my store choices.  My regular shops typically meet 2 criteria:

1.  Clearance.  If a store isn't willing to mark down their off-season items at least 50%, you probably won't find me there. 
2.  Atmosphere.  If a store is so dark I can't see the merchandise, if the staff is unfriendly, if the music is too loud, if the whole store smells like a "baby prostitute" (thank you, Lindsay Lohan), you won't find me there. 

Based on this, you may assume that there are a few chain stores I do not frequent.  Hollister and Abercrombie come to mind first, but there are others as well.  Not sure what triggered the change of mind, but sometime mid-high school I suddenly didn't care about brands or what everyone else was wearing.  I not only wanted my clothes to be fun, but wanted the experience of buying them to be enjoyable too.   

Thus my store criteria was born.

How 'bout you?  Are there stores you avoid for very specific reasons?   Are there store you never pass up?  What's your criteria?

Cardigan:  Old Navy
Blouse:  DEB, many moons ago
Pants:  Old Navy
Shoes:  Impo via DSW
Purse:  Ecko Red via TJMaxx


Kayla said...

I haven't been into a Hollister or AF since high school either. Somewhere along the way I realized we all look the same!!! This outfit is too cute though! I also NEVER step into a store if I don't have the money to buy anything. It just leads to sadness

Anonymous said...

What cute pants! I can never find good pants at Old Navy... they always fit me weird.

I agree with your store criteria. If a store is not in a mall it makes it even better for me! I hardly ever set foot in malls anymore.

C said...

I hit that Old Navy Sale. I got five shirts and some coasters for 11 bucks. They are super lightweight and make the perfect summer shirt. I like your shopping philosophy.

Kyla said...

I'm with you here. ON is so hit or miss for me. In fact, I just went to one last weekend and was gravely disappointed with their stock. Awful! I also despise A&F and Hollister. Not only is the lighting obnoxious, but the music's waay to loud (and bad!) and they stink like a frat house (i.e. cheap cologne)! Did I just age myself about 20 years? haha

Cindy said...

You're always so cute.

I found the clearance sale also, by chance. I went to buy a scarf I had seen on another blogger's site. I started checking out the clearance racks, and was pleasantly surprised to find that their XL would fit me (I'm plus-size). I bought a cardigan, a button-down shirt, a top, and a summer scarf, along with the non-sale scarf. Great bargains!

Wanderlusting Fool said...

I actually don't have any stores that I completely avoid - unless its a super expensive store (why even bother going in!). haha

PS I REALLY adore your pants here. Love that they aren't the usual skinny jean and they look great!