Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I have a little secret.  Sometimes, I wear shaper-shorts (that's what I call them) under my skirts/dresses.  It started a few years ago when I put on a few extra pounds and my thighs met each other for the first time in several years...maybe ever.  I hated the feeling of my legs rubbing together as I walked.  Hated it.  So off to the Leggs, Hanes, Bali Outlet I went.

Now I proudly own 3 pairs of these brilliant shapers in nude, white and black.  I'm back to a comfortable size and my legs no longer touch (to the point of discomfort), but I still wear the shaper-shorts fairly frequently.  It's nice having the extra coverage - knowing that if the wind blows, or if I have to get in/out of a large vehicle, or I'm walking up stairs, no one will see anything that shouldn't be seen.

Prepare for the appearance of little shorts like these in an H&M and/or American Apparel near you.  They're not so much shapers as they are reminiscent of biker shorts...only prettier.  I've already spotted them with lace trim...adorable. A definite nod to the 80's.  Unlike most styles of that decade, I think I won't mind this trend coming 'round again.  It's just so comfortable and practical.

Find shapers in all different colors from Spanx...but be prepared to spend a pretty penny on them.  $42 - yikes!

They come in a variety of styles and prices at Target.  These, for example.

Or if you're really not into spending extra bucks on undergarments (like me), just cut off a pair of tights or leggings.  

And who says they have to remain under your clothes?  These daring ladies are rockin' the look (on Lookbook).  Oh, the possibilities.

Necklaces:  Walmart (???)
Tank:  Target
Dress:  XOXO via Macy's
Shoes:  Kohl's
Underneath:  my white shaper-shorts from Leggs, Hanes, Bali

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KP said...

Oh I totally wear a pair of running shorts underneath all my skirts and dresses!

Kayla said...

Such a great idea to substitute running shorts for Spanx like underwear. I'm trying this! Thanks for the tip!

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What Would a Nerd Wear said...

oh man, i've been wanting a pair of spanx or something because these bike shorts that i have are NOT cutting it under a lot of my dresses.

Elaine said...

I may need some... I don't like my legs rubbing either!

Pink is your color!
and I love your shoes.

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Kristen said...

I frequently wear Spanx (or the Assets version at Target) under my skirts; like you said, it's kind of a relief to not have to worry about anything getting seen that shouldn't.

Target has come out with the Merona Fit line; I am not a fan of the dresses (way too tight) but the skirts are fantastic! Spanx shorts are built into them. So clever!

Love that pretty pink on you.