Friday, July 30, 2010


I don't buy myself expensive, designer things people, I just don't.  Heavily discounted designer things, sure.  Full price, no way Jose'. 

So when I do get something expensive and designer that is in season, the style that is the envy of all designer buyers, it's a big ol' deal.  Like when Steve bought me this Coach purse for my 24th birthday.  The man has good taste.  I remember bringing it into work that day and being all bashful (yet bursting with excitement) that I had I was doing something wrong.  I had never had anything so expensive before.  I got over it pretty quickly and used my Coach constantly for a very, very long time.  There are currently a few purses in my collection that I rotate through frequently.  But still, I love carrying this purse

It makes me think about cost-per-wear, which is discussed a lot on fashion blogs.  It's hard to know when you first get a thing what sort of role it will ultimately play the wardrobe.  I've purchased pricier items thinking they would get so much use, yet for whatever reason, they don't.  And sometimes the cheap thing that I pick up for a few bucks at the thrift store, figuring I might only wear it a limited amount of times, becomes a closet favorite.

Speaking of birthdays, I'm having a hard time acknowledging that I turn 28 on Monday.   Yikes.

Shirt:  Gap, thrifted via Valu Thrift
Skirt:  H&M
Shoes: DSW
Purse:  Coach
Necklace:  ?


Anonymous said...

First off, you always look fantastic in red. I love the drapey necklace with that blouse, and the brown heels and brown from that gorgeous bag were the perfect touches to the great contrast of blue and red.

Second, like you, I'm skeptical about the concept of cost-per-wear for the reasons you mentioned. I get it, and I think it's great that it's helpful to other people, but I don't shop by it.

And finally, have a great pre-birthday weekend!

ShyGirl said...

I adore your outfit! That skirt has such a wonderful shape, and the shirt looks great tucked into it! And the shoes and bag are just the perfect additions :)

Happy Early Birthday!!

Iris said...

I definately can't think cost per wear when I shop but, I can appreciate it after the fact and think, "Wow, that really was a great deal!"

Lynzy said...

you look adorable here! perfect work outfit :)

xo Lynzy

Rebecca said...

I tend to think more about cost per wear when buying accessories like shoes or bags. I know that when I buy basic shoes like black pumps I will get a lot more use if I invest some money in comfort and good materials.

Anna said...

I find that the cheaper the item, the more I wear it. And my more expensive things, I tend to "save" (for whatever reason) which really means, I hardly ever wear them. Funny how that works.
ps. Love that skirt!

Leah said...

Happy Birthday! I also turn 28 next week and usually love my birthday and the celebrating that accompanies it, but this year is different. I think this year is different because I'm actually starting to FEEL older.

Melissa said...

This outfit is so great on you! I love that shade of red with your skin tone and that skirt is fantastic.

And the purse...I just really like it. :) Don't have much else to say about that!

Anonymous said...

I don't tend to think about cost per wear, but I do try to make sure that it's a piece I'll be able to wear multiple ways. In the past, a cheap price has been enough to convince me to buy something but that doesn't usually end well and I've learned that lesson too many times!

Happy early Birthday! Surprisingly, 28 has been great for me! I thought I'd spend the year feeling almost thirty/old, but I didn't. Worst part? My metabolism slowed down big time and I've had several friends mention the same thing. I didn't see that one coming! I have two months to 29 and I think it's going to be okay...

rlutz said...

great skirt...that purse is definitely investment worthy.