Friday, July 9, 2010

Red, White & Blue, Day 5

So today is the last day of Red, White & Blue Week.  Sad, I know.  As I'm writing this it's day 5 of my trip.  I'm sitting in a parking lot in MOAB, Utah where it's reached a record 105 degrees for the day.  We've set up camp at Arches National Park and are just hangin' out in town in close proximity to air conditioning until the sun goes down a bit.  Then it's back to the park to explore beautiful mounds of red dirt.  I'm hardly recognizable right now.  No makeup, baseball cap, cut-off jean shorts, hiking shoes and an old tee.  Oh, and I have a weird sunburn going on...but that's kind of typical for me.

This is the only outfit this week containing pants.  I'm really preferring my skirts and dresses this summer.   But there's always room for a pair of too-long trousers, 4 1/2" heels, and a vest.

Please ignore the wrinkles.  It had been a long day.

Blouse:  Ann Taylor, thrifted
Vest:  Old Navy, thrifted
Pants:  Banana Repulic Outlet
Belt:  Gap 
Shoes (unseen):  Nine West via

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