Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We took Miles to PetSmart for the first time on Saturday.   He was the star of the store.  Everyone oogled at him.  We want him to be really comfortable around all people and other animals, so it was a good exercise.  We bought him a name tag, toys, and a bed, among other things.  We spent a lot of time talking to their very friendly, helpful staff as well as other dog owners who inquired about Miles.  We even bumped into another (larger) Pug and a (very large) Puggle (Pug+Beagle).  Oh why can't they stay little!?

I've starting calling Miles Stitch (from Lilo & Stitch).  He makes these strange alien-baby sounds when he's in his aggressive-play mode.  To hear it, you'd think he was being tortured, but really he's just a little crazy-like.  I lay him on his back, his ears flip up, his eyes go wide, his little legs start reaching, mouth opens up and the sounds start coming.  I'm going to try to get video of it's pretty hilarious, though not a behavior I intend to tolerate for the long run.

More of me being extra casual on an absolutely perfect Saturday afternoon.  I know shorts get a bad rap sometimes, but I've come to really appreciate shorts and their versatility in my wardrobe.  I don't love them quite as much bare-legged in the summer as I do paired with tights and boots in the winter, but they're so easy, can be dressed up or down, and either keep me cool when it's hot or add an extra layer when it's cold.

I refuse to give up my jewelry just because I have a puppy to consider.  Puppy is just going to have to learn that certain things (basically everything but his toys) do not go in his mouth.  I do anticipate a few wardrobe (& household) casualties in the learning process.  BUT since Saturday was sort of all about the puppy, I gave it up...for the day.  Not even wearing my diamond stud earrings and feeling a little weird about it.

Shirt:  shop in Tortola, Virgin Islands
Belt:  H&M
Shorts:  Calvin Klein via TJMaxx
Shoes:  Famous Footwear
Purse:  thrifted via ARC's Value Village


Hope said...

He's so stinkin' cute! I love him!

Shorts are so hit and miss for me. I'm 5'11", so trying to find shorts that aren't like hot pants is quite the challenge. You look cool and comfy. :)


Rebecca said...

Pugs always made the funniest noises. You will have a lot of fun with Miles.

Sarah said...

I love the red lining on the shirt it gives the perfect amount of brightness. Very cute outfit!

the girl in the green scarf said...

Hey I like your shorts A LOT!!! I'd love to have one like those, but I cannot find ones to fit me like I want.. :) And your puppy is awesome..

Anonymous said...

very cute outfit-- and dog! :)

Arielle said...

I always can never go wrong with stripes!

Girly Muse said...

sigh...soooooooo cute.

Kristen said...

That puppy is cuter than words! So funny to see how tiny he is; the last picture he was not in it with anything else so it was hard to put him into perspective. So, so cute!

I have been wearing more casual shorts this summer myself, only because it has just been crazy hot. I like this one because you say it's casual, but the shirt is tucked and the shorts are belted, and it looks a lot crisper than your average shorts-and-tee look.