Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Maybe it's because of the summer and all it's warm casualness, or maybe it's because I have this little creature whose sharp little teeth and grabby claws can't help but reach for my clothes, shoes, and jewelry (nothing ruined yet)...but I have had zero desire to dress up lately.  I want fast, easy style.  But still style, nonetheless.

Before the pup, my alarm would go off at 5:50am.  I would then press SNOOZE at least twice.  Drag myself out of bed, then spend 20+ minutes staring into my closet in hopes something fabulous would appear before me.  Then came make-up, hair, wake Steve up, make lunches, eat breakfast, brush teeth and make it out the door by 7:15.  I'm not very fast in the morning.

NOW, my alarm still goes off at 5:50am, but I don't dare press SNOOZE.  I go straight to the bathroom, do make up and hair while considering what to wear for the day.  I get dressed, and if all goes well, sneak breakfast in before taking Miles out at 6:30.  We go "outside", go back inside for the AM meal, go back outside for a walk, go back inside to wake Steve up...and complete the morning tasks from there.  Still out the door by 7:15.

Dog or no dog, I really should lay my clothes out the night before, this I know.  But what looks brilliant at 10:30pm, doesn't always look as smart at 6:15am the next morning.  But 6:15am Jill simply needs to trust 10:30pm Jill.  It's a process.  I'll get there and be better (and better dressed) for it.  Until I can get my act together, unwrinkled skirt/pant + t-shirt + cardigan is the go-to work combination.

Miles isn't interested in outfit pictures.  He wants that stick/leaf/rock/trash on the ground.  And he won't settle until it's in his mouth. 

Earrings:  Target
T-shirt:  Target
Cardigan:  TJMaxx
Skirt:  JCPenny
Shoes:  Nine West, thrifted via My Sister's Closet
Purse:  thrifted via Arc's Value Village
Keychain:  Third Willow


Kendra said...

I love your little puppy, hes so adorable!

Oh fashion, right... so I also love that cardigan, FABulous! You'll get the hang of the new schedule. For me a big key has been keeping the pup's schedule consistance. Always feed at the same time everyday. My two dogs have it down pat enough that I haven't used an alarm clock since my older dog was 2. They wake me up anywhere between 5:15 and 5:30 for breakfast. Then we all go back to bed until they wake me up at 6:15 to do potties, then we are up for the day! Well, I am anyway... they are usually sound asleep again by the time I leave the house. :)

Rebecca said...

I like that cardigan, and your baby pug is adorable.

Melissa said...

This is such a great outfit! I adore the polka dot cardigan with the ruffles and the pop of color underneath is so fun!

Arielle said...

I have my own personal kitten alarm. Every day at 6am (sometimes earlier) he is up and jumpy and will stop at nothing until I'm awake as well. Then every time I get dress he wants to jump at me and grab at anything that moves. He's such a little brat but I can't help but adore him all the same! You're pup is too precious by the way ;) and I love that polka dot cardigan

Laura said...

I have that cardigan! I'm forever trying to find the "perfect" ensemble with it, I love the pop of green!

Miles is darn adorable.

NoGuiltFashion said...

I saw that cardigan this weekend at TJMax and wasn't sure if I would like it on, but it looks nice on you. I may have to actually try it on.

rlutz said...

I love that cardigan...especially with that yellow underneith.
Miles is adorable!!

Sarah said...

Love that cardigan!

I like to take it slow in the morning too - my morning is very much like your before dog morning.

Kiki said...

Cutest puppy ever! And a super cute outfit! I love your cardigan.

Anna said...

Miles is such a great accessory!

Katy said...

Imagine you have the same life but with a real baby, the kind that screams. I am the same way in the morning, two hours to get ready AT LEAST. Laying out outfits the day before is no longer an option, because who knows when she'll be hungry/dirty/gassy/lonely. Leave nothing to chance! You are doing splendid, I would never have guessed that you took any less time for yourself this morning. :)

Girly Muse said...

such cute pictures of you and miles!!1 i am needing my miles fix in a big way.