Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tales from the West, Part 1

Hi folks!  I'm back, safe and sound in Minnesota after an exciting journey West.  I interrupt my regularly scheduled style blogging to share with you all the happenings from last week.  Ready? Here we go.

Steve and I got up bright and early Friday morning (July 2) to make our not-too-early 10:30am flight to Denver.  As Delta would have it, 10:30 became 11:30 and 11:30 became noon and I don't know when we actually left the ground but by the time we did it was determined that we would not have time to visit Rocky Mountain National Park.  It was a bummer, but the good news was that we got bumped to First Class.  Go Delta.

We landed in Denver, picked up our rental car (Ford Explorer), checked into our hotel and found a Super Wal-Mart for the week's supply of groceries.  Went to bed early with no fuss from me.  Airplanes wipe me out.

Up early again on Saturday, we high-tailed it to Colorado Springs to drive up Pike's Peak before the mid-day rush.  It was gorgeous and cold.  Steve threw a snowball off the mountain and I bought a jacket and a hot chocolate at the top.  The view is incredible, nearly 3 miles up.

Several people commented on my Boy Scout t-shirt.  I picked it up a few weekends ago at Gander Mountain Outlet Store.  I thought it was cute until some lady said to Steve something about me being a Boy Scout, as in, scouting for boys...it never occurred to me that that's what this shirt was implying.  Whatever though, it was $5.

Oh, and my awesome Oboz shoes were SO great.  I hope to dedicate a raving review post to them in the near future.

Back at the bottom, we hiked around Garden of the Gods.  It was a beautiful rock playground.  The temperature change was a little shocking having been in the 40's on the mountain, and in the high 80's (though it felt much warmer than that) at the Garden.

Later in the day, we met up with Steve's cousin Tom and his darling family at Focus on the Family Visitor Center.  I listened to Adventures in Odyssey audio drama series well into my 20's (they're addicting!), so it was a real treat for me to experience Whit's End in-person.  The characters are shorter and more cartoon-like than I imagined them.  Haha.

Whew!  This was only Day 1 (officially).  I promise not to torture you with days-on-end of vacation posts.  But be prepared for just a few more this week.  :)


Girly Muse said...

My kids are very excited that you got to go to Whit's End. We will need more details on that visit sometime. :)

Looks so fun. The pictures are great.

Iris said...

I'm glad they bumped you to first class! The trip pictures look gorgeous. That's somewhere to add to the list of places to go...

I have a giveaway going right now, don't forget to enter!


Anonymous said...

What great photos! Can't wait to see more...