Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tales from the West, Part 2

Here's how I spent Independence Day and the day after:

Bright and early (once again), Steve and I packed up the truck and made our way to Ouray, Colorado.  We made good time so stopped for a picnic at Black Canyon National Park on the recommendation of Steve's cousin Tom.  We started at the top and worked our way down to the river.  It was very cool, very worthwhile.

Thanks to our not-so-great service from, we ended up having to stay in Montrose though our destination was Ouray.  We dropped off our stuff at the hotel in Montrose and continued on to Ouray for evening fireworks.  We got there really early.  And what do we do when there is time to kill?  We shop.  There are some great little shops in Ouray.  I'm very excited to show you the necklace I picked up at this crazy little art and furniture boutique.  I'm wearing it today and will post an outfit pic soon.

While we were walking down the sidewalk having one of our random conversations, I stopped mid-sentence.  There, before my very eyes was the most adorable puppy dog I'd ever seen EVER.  You'd think all puppies were cute until you saw this one.  He was the puppy love of my life.  I nearly wept that he belonged to someone else. I made a bee-line for the pup, and nearly forgot to ask the dog walker if I could pet him.  He was so cute, so soft, so perfect.  I didn't get a picture of him, but he looked something like this:

He's a bulldog puppy.  I think a part of me died as I walked away from that dog.  Not sure if I believed in love at first sight until I met him....(sniff).

So ok.  Enough about the puppy.  The stupid thing about it is...I don't even really want a dog. (google image)

We stayed late for the Jeep parade and fireworks.  Basically, a bunch of Jeepers (is that a word?) congregate at the top of the mountain, attach sparklers to their grills, and parade through Main Street before the fireworks start.  The fireworks were beautiful coming down from the mountains, lighting up the little town.  It was a bit rainy and cold, but fun and snuggly-like.

The next morning (bright & early), we were back in Ouray to retrieve our rental Jeep.  I'd never been Jeeping before and to be honest, it's not really my thing.  There are mountainous regions you can't get to without a Jeep (barely with a Jeep), and it's quite worth the discomfort and anxiety of Jeeping in order to see those remote places.  The mountains are gorgeous.  We explored old mines and abandoned homesteads.  Pretty sure we nearly died several times.  But here I am to tell about it all.  Thank you, Jesus.

What better way to end an intense day of Jeeping then relaxing in a hot spring, right?  I've always wanted to sit in a hot spring.  I was expecting a mineral-rich hole in the ground, but I guess that's not how hot springs come these days.  The ones we saw are privately owned and are more like warm swimming pools.  We asked a local where the best hot spring was and he directed us to this posh little hotel with attached Aveda Spa.  There was a pool-like hot spring in the yard that was a perfect temp.  Then in the lower level of the facility there was "secret" cave. 

Through this creepy, wooden door was a sauna/hot spring so hot I couldn't even put my feet in, let alone sit in it...I guess it's something you have work up to.  Picture taking in this area was impossible because it was dark and because the camera lens would instantly fog.

We spent the night at this strange little B&B type place in town.

More to come!

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Kyla said...

Bulldog puppies are the CUTEST!!!! A couple of months back, I ran into a solid white one while out for a run. I stopped to play with her and she was so, so heart-melting-ly cute! I could barely stand it when I walked away and she tried to follow me. If only they stayed that way!