Friday, July 16, 2010

Tales from the West, Part 3

Experiencing Arches National Park was like being on an entirely different planet.  We were warned that it was the wrong season to be vacationing in the desert, but went ahead anyway.  80 degrees in Moab, UT is not the same 80 degrees in St. Paul, MN.  We hurried to set up camp before the heat became unbearable then drove into town to spend the hottest part of the day in air conditioning.  Seems sort of wimpy, but I'm a Thoroughbred Minnesotan...I melt like ice.

We had ice cream and shopped around Moab for a little bit.  I bought a straw cowgirl hat and a t-shirt.  For being rather touristy, the shops there are pretty decent.  Just as we were running out of things to do, the temperature reached it's peak at 109 degrees.  Found a parking lot where we could steal some WiFi so I could do a little blogging.

Nearing 6pm and no relief in sight, we picked up a driving self-tour CD at Arches Visitor Center.  This way, we were able to enjoy and learn about Arches from the comfort of our vehicle.  We did get out occasionally to get closer and take pictures.  Finally, the sun started to let up and we were able to explore a little more. 

They say it gets cool in the desert at night.  I didn't think so.  Perhaps it was because our tent had been out all day, absorbing the heat, but it didn't seem to cool down much.  It was the first time I'd slept in a tent since I was probably 11.  All things considered, I think I handled it pretty well...though a shower would've made all the difference. 

The next morning, after a delicious fill of campfire pop-tarts, we started back to Moab to pick up our next rental jeep.  This day of jeeping was a little better for me, though I did nearly smash my face into the dashboard once and kept knocking my funny bone...ouch.  The trails weren't nearly as treacherous as they were in Ouray, and our Jeep was better equipped.

I was relieved to have a hotel to stay at that evening to get clean and sleep.  I took a long, soapy shower and still found traces of the sticky dirt and sunscreen mixture on my body.  I have concluded that I do not like the spray sunscreen...makes me feel nasty.  Any amazing sunscreen brands/types that I should be aware of?  Let me know.


Candycane said...

GREAT pictures!!


Faith J. said...

Yes, your photos are amazing! I never knew about this park. Looks soooo cool!

Sarah said...

I agree - great pictures!!

Rachel said...

I like Coppertone's classic Ultraguard. It's one of teh few mass market sunscreen that doesn't contain oxybenzone. I also like Roche Posay's sunscreen, but they're quite spendy.