Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Black & Ebay

My pal Anna of A Banana Medley has given herself 30 days to wear her unworns.  What doesn't get worn, gets donated.  It's a great challenge.  One that I also started last week, only I have given myself until the clothes swap on the's almost a month.  Thankfully and surprisingly, I don't have a crazy amount unworns like I used to.  Though I did include a few garments that I've only worn once.  Will I wear it again?  If not, it goes buy-buy.

I went through my clothes last Sunday to find that the few unworns that I have come with two common variables:  black OR Ebay.  Whad up wid dat?  (Anybody else watch Saturday Night Live?  You can thank me later.)

The conclusions are these:
1.  Black is my least favorite color.  It does nothing for me.  I buy it because supposedly you can't go wrong, it's slimming, and it's the ultimate neutral.  Well, it is wrong for me, don't care if it's slimming, and prefer softer neutrals.  So there.  That doesn't mean I'm giving up on black does have purpose in my wardrobe.  But I need to be more careful about buying it, lest items go unworn for years and years, taking up much needed closet space.

2.  Ebay is bad for me.  But sometimes I just get in a bidding, bargaining, buying mood and I can't stop myself (ok, I guess I could stop myself).  I only have a ballpark estimate of my measurements (shame on me) and often get stuck with an e-bay purchase that doesn't fit well, or at all.  And even more often, I overestimate the quality of the item.  I think that I'm getting a good deal on a dress costing just a few bucks, but when I get it, it's really only worth a few bucks.  That's a disappointing deal.  I had already decided after my last couple e-bay purchases, that I needed to cut back on the bidding.  So lately I've only been looking, not clicking.

Here is an example of a little black dress that I do not recall wearing before this day:

I bought it because it seemed like the most practical dress in the world.  I do like it, and I will keep it (for now), but will have to explore different ways to style it that won't feel so...blah

This is a really helpful exercise - identifying the things in my closet that I don't love wearing, and either finding ways to make them more 'me', or sending them to the donation pile.

In addition to the unworn dress, this is my first time wearing these shoes.  They're comfortable enough for work and all the sitting I do, but that's about it.

Side note:  This is where Steve proposed.  I was sitting in that exact spot on that bench.  It was February, so there was snow on the ground.  There were cedar chips with a sprinkling of rose pedals and candles everywhere.  This is written on the stone.  It's all overgrown now, which is actually quite romantic.

Dress:  Express, thrifted via Turnstyle
Shoes:  Payless brand, thrifted via ARC's Value Village
Computer Case:  Betsy Johnson via TJMaxx


Melissa said...

I think that dress looks nice on you. For what it's worth, one option is to belt it - I know it has the ties at the waist but those can be covered.

I agree that black can be a harsh neutral. I'm trying to buy softer neutrals and less black too!

Ashley J said...

I think black looks fine on you! I am loving that computer case and the sweet story about your picture spot.

Rebecca said...

That dress looks really comfortable. I hope you find a way to style it so that it works for you.

Cute proposal story.

Girly Muse said...

It still makes me misty about that rock. That is the sweetest thing. I heart your guy.

I really like black on you~ with your blond hair, it feels dramatic. But if you don't quite cross over, I'd be happy to take your black things off your hands. :)


Anna said...

I agree, black looks great on you!
And thanks for giving me a kick in the butt to get this thing started- I've been a slacker. My 30 days starts today!

Anonymous said...

I love the dress. You look fantastic. I am loving the shoes too. Are they comfy? Did you wear with or without stockings?