Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hair & Jersey

Middle-aged, male co-worker walks by my desk...
Co-worker:  Hey, you've been wearing your hair pulled back lately.  Why?
Me:  Because I need a haircut.
Co-worker:  Oh.  You should do that.
Me:  Uh...yeah, sometime this month. 
Me thinking: ok, I know my hair isn't exactly awesome right now, but it can't be that bad! (followed by an internal giggle - surely he didn't mean to be insulting!)

The thing is, I miss being blond and having a hairstyle, but they're so short-lived on this mop of mine that I almost don't feel like it's worth it to attempt them (blondness and/or hairstyle).  But I have (once again) become so desperate that a deadline had to be set.  Hair cut and color by the 28th.  It must be done.

I did not need this dress.  But it was on clearance at TJMaxx and fit me really well, so I said, "Ok, I'll take you home with me."  How could I go wrong with a gray, jersey dress, right?  Exactly.

The purse too.  On clearance at TJMaxx.  I've been on the hunt for the perfect straw bag.  Pretty sure I found it and passed it up on my last cruise...darn it.  I like this brown one - it's the perfect size, has a zipper closure, and is cute n' all, but it isn't the one.  It's a good stand in until I find the one though.  Gosh, I love TJMaxx.  And piece and ta-dah!  Dressed in a jiffy.

Dress:  TJMaxx
Purse:  TJMaxx
Shoes:  Kohl's


ShyGirl said...

That dress is gorgeous! I love the tiers! The brown bag looks fabulous with the grey back! love that combination :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this dress, and I think your hair always looks cute. I haven't used a blow dryer or any heat tools on mine since May (except Monday night, I cheated, just to see how long it was and if I needed a trim). So mine has been a frizzy mop, in desperate need of a touch-up and trim for months!!! Yours is about 1000% better than mine! :) I wish I had this dress right now. It looks sooo comfy and cute!

<3 Kim

Keely said...

I love jersey dresses. They are so comfy. You look adorable!

eek said...

I love the ruffles on the dress! Great purchase :)

Rebecca said...

I think it is hard for anyone to have a hairstyle in this humidity!

That dress is really cute. I like the details aroound the neck.

Ashley J said...

Love those shoes!

PetiteLittleGirl said...

The conversation was funny :) I think you look perfectly fine. What a comfy dress for summer!
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Arielle said...

those shoes are darling!

Melissa said...

Oh, those shoes are GREAT!

Love that dress too, definitely worth it for you to snag that one! It does fit you perfectly.

And what a weird, weird encounter with a co-worker. Someone needs to hand him a donut and tell him to stuff it.

libys11 said...

that's such a gorgeous dress!! you look great in it! :D

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Kristen said...

The dress is cuter than words; of course you had to get it!

I am suffering the same malaise with my hair right now, but my co-workers haven't started commenting about it. Yet! Good for you for picking a date to do something about it.

diva said...

I think you look gorgeous with your hair pulled back like that! (PS why is my word verification word below "pregge"? Is the universe trying to tell me something?)