Friday, September 17, 2010


This cardigan is one of my finds from the clothes swap.  At first I thought it was sort of ugly...not ugly/ugly, but like pretty/ugly, ya know?  Anyway...I put it on and felt all Coco Chanel in it (it's Liz Claiborne, but that's beside the point).  It's surprisingly on-trend, and with the little pocket details and pearl buttons, how could I resist? 

I was having trouble envisioning how I would wear it, and then I spotted a similar look in the latest Lucky Magazine.  Good ol' Lucky...the subscription that pays back in outfit solutions.

A denim pencil skirt is an absolute must-have in my wardrobe.  This one has been perfect, but is now too big in the waist.  It's so strange that I maintain my "normal" weight, and yet, my clothes don't fit.  I can only assume that weight is shifting, not leaving.  I am slightly more active since getting a dog, so maybe I'm losing fat, gaining muscle?  No, that can't be right...(as I sit here drinking a Toffee Mocha).  Well, whatever...I just need a new skirt.

This is my first time wearing these shoes.  Here's a thrifting tip:  if you see something behind the counter (where they keep the better, more expensive stuff), don't ask what size it is unless you're willing to pay for it.  I wouldn't usually spend $16 on thrifted shoes that I really don't need, but these were so pretty, appeared brand new, and in my size.  It wasn't until I tried to wear them for the first time that I realized they were tight across the toes.  Maybe the reason why the last owner gave them up?  24 hours with a shoe stretcher and they were perfect.

Do you have a shoe-stretcher?  You need one (better yet, two).  It will save you loads of shoe grief, I promise.  I bought mine at Target. 

Sweater:  Liz Claiborn via Clothes-Swap
Blouse:  Old Navy
Skirt:  Target
Belt:  Kohl's
Shoes:  Bandolino, thrifted via ARC's Value Village


Ashley J said...

Whaa!!!-you look so sweet and innocent today!!! Love the new blazer...very CHANEL!

Kate said...

Adorable. Love that pop of color.

Rebecca said...

I like that sweater. It looks super retro, and perfect for fall.

NoGuiltFashion said...

The sweater looks great with the bow tied top underneath. Lookin' good lady.

LyddieGal said...

I love that $16 is deemed expensive behind counter stuff. There were $35 shoes just sittin on the floor at my thrift store today. But that's my town... even the thrift stores are over priced. But I guess since the proceeds go to charity I can't get too upset.

Anyway -- I really like the bright green cardi, and you are right about Lucky -- they provide lots of real, attainable looks and are so useful!

Chic on the Cheap

Melissa said...

You look SO pretty in that color! I really love the tie at the neck too. Gorgeous outfit!

And I didn't even realize shoe stretchers existed. Where have I been?!

Anonymous said...

Nice cardigan: classy in its design and yet playful in its color.

Kassondra DeBoer said...

You look very chic! That sweater is real pretty!